workwear wednesday


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Hi friends,

I’ve decided I needed to bring back my weekly work wear series to help me get back in the rhythm of blogging. Let me know if you’d like to join!

This post has been a long time coming. This is what I wore on my first day at my new job at TransLoc. I absolutely love dressing business casual and being extra comfortable but still being sassy and chic.

Hope you like my outfit. What did you wear today?

Workwear wednesday - business casual chic Workwear wednesday - business casual chic

Outfit details:
Shirt: Gap button-down shirt, thrifted $3?
Cardigan: Misook, used consignment credit
Pants: NYDJ leggings, Marshalls $30
Shoes: Cole Haan peeptoe flats, thrifted $4

may 2015 budget


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I’ve been so bad. With my blog and with my budget. Sorry y’all, I have been so busy (in a GOOD way, finally :)) and I haven’t gotten back into the groove of blogging.

may 2015 fashion budget may 2015 fashion budget - misook tanks & jackets

BUT I will, I promise. And I’m hoping this is the first in a series of May posts. Here’s what I got this month:

Using my consignment credits:
1. Eileen Fisher boyfriend jeans ($48 but used credit)
2. Misook navy and dot skirt and top ($75 but used consignment credit)

From eBay:
3. Misook red skirt – $6
4. Misook pink blazer – $39

5. Vintage red coach mini tote $8.50
7. Misook green jacket
8. Misook white tank
9. Misook pink tank
10. Misook pink jacket = $120 for all the Misook
11. 2 pairs of Gap jeans $3.59 each
12. NYDJ skinny jeans in blue $4.59
13. Steve Mono purse – Made in Spain $110
14. Necklace & 2 sterling silver rings $10
15. REI windbreaker $2
16. L.L.Bean fleece $4

=$306.68 Subtotal
-$28 from selling stuff
-$100 gift from mom

=$178.68 TOTAL spent this month

Once again, I’ve completely destroyed my $100 monthly budget. What’s the point of even doing this budget thing if I keep consistently going over it? It’s to keep me accountable, of course. The good news is I got a super awesome (very grown-up) purse and a collection of lovely Misook clothes, which I wear to work all the time, mixed-and-matched with jeans :)

How’d YOU do this month?

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march 2015 budget


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Hey friends!

Once again, I’ve been really neglecting my blog. I’ve been at my new job for about 2.5 weeks now and I’m just starting to understand how things work. I am really liking it – the culture, the people, and what the company stands for. I’ve been busy with work, family, friends, kickball league, the cats and all this means I’ve gotten out of the blogging rhythm.

In my last post (it’s been too long), I revealed that I didn’t spend much in February but I predicted that I would go over budget in March, and I did as expected.

march 2015 fashion budget

Here’s what I got:
1. Misook pleated skirt
2. Misook pencil skirt
3. Misook cardigan
4. Misook slacks
5. Misook tank top
=$90 after consignment credit. I went a little Misook crazy at my favorite consignment store this month – they are the most stylish, effortless, and timeless separates and I feel so lady-like wearing them :)

6. Misook maxi dress from Poshmark, $15
7. Red vintage Coach Willis purse, $18 from Goodwill
8. White vintage mini Coach crossbody, $2 from Goodwill
9. Cole, Rood, and Haan Co. oxfords, $2.50
10. Gap button-down shirt, $3.50 thrifted
11. Lands End button-down shirt, $2.50 thrifted
12. Gap tee, the Muppsets tee, black tee, green tee – all for $5 thrifted (not pictured)
13. Gap jeans, $3.59 thrifted
14. Talbots floral skirt, $3.59 thrifted
15. Fossil wallet, $1
16. Zuni turquoise brooch + earrings, used consignment credit and discount
17. Misook tanks (2) from ThredUp for $33 incl. shipping
18. Misook tank from ebay for $18
19. Misook cardigan from ebay $18

TOTAL = $215.68 – well another YIKES is in order…I’ve gone over my budget by double. BUT I’ve been consigning A LOT of stuff and I had about $65 left over from last month, so it’s not so bad I guess. I’m working on consolidating my wardrobe and consigning or donating pieces that I just don’t wear.

Well it’s your turn to spill the beans…how did YOU do this month?

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february 2015 budget


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Hi friends!
Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, and I really miss it. It’s been a really tough month for me and instead of spending time on activities I enjoy, such as blogging and thrifting, I’ve become withdrawn (and I’m also binge watching the entire The Office series).

I haven’t been spending a lot of time shopping, and you can tell from this post, because I normally meet or exceed my monthly budget of $100.
February 2015 fashion budget

What I got this month:
1. Arrow print headband (locally made), $12.50 from local store
2. Made in NC Chameleon Clogs, these were pricey at $170 including tax & shipping but I used my Christmas money for them so they don’t count toward my budget :) And I must say, they are so incredibly comfortable and were custom-made to my size and color preference.
3. Madewell sandal heels, $7 from thrift store
4. & 5. 2 Rough & Tumble purses, made in Maine, both in gorgeous black leather. Ok, so as you know I did not necessarily need more purses. But I was in the market for a bigger bag that would fit my work laptop, and when I found these babies on eBay for an incredible price, I could not resist. They were $200 for both bags. I am completely and totally obsessed with Rough & Tumble bags and their designer, Natasha Durham. I used my birthday money for these so they don’t count against my monthly budget either:)
6. Misook tank top, used consignment credit ($18)
7. Watch necklace, used consignment credit ($16)
8. J. Crew flats, used consignment credit ($18)
9. Light blue vintage Coach purse, $7 from thrift store
10. J. Crew sleeveless dress, $4.59 from Goodwill
11. Soft Italian made pajamas (so comfortable), $3 from Goodwill
TOTAL = $34.09 (minus consignment credits & holiday/birthday money)

Y’all, I think this is a record for me. I did so well (but I wouldn’t have if I didn’t have gift money to spend).

How did you do this month?!?!?! And also, please let me know how you all are doing and what’s going on in your lives. I feel like I’ve missed so much and I don’t like it :(
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january 2015 budget


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As expected, January was a month where I went a little crazy. I mean, it was my 30th birthday month, I had my arm surgery and 2 weeks off work (so lots of thrifting to avoid boredom), etcetera etcetera…

All excuses aside, I think I got some cute things:
january 2014 budget - budgeting bloggers - fashion budget

All items thrifted unless otherwise stated:

1. Talbots Black and white full skirt $3.39
2. Yellow maxi dress $5
3. Gap maxi dress $4.59
4. Etcetera blouse $4
5. Denim dress $4.59
6. Caslon striped sweater $4
7. Talbot’s striped sweater $6
8. Black polka dot shirt $3.39
9. Dooney & Bourke vintage blue crossbody purse $24, Poshmark
10. Supermaggie elephant pullover $50 (birthday gift to myself), local boutique
11. Daniel rain print blouse $1.50
12. Cole haan flats $4
13. UNC fleece house slipper boots $2
14. Olive & Oak blouse $3.39
15. Dooney & Bourke Alto Double Gusset Red Leather briefcase $50 (birthday gift to myself)
16. Jones New York leopard print tee $4
17. Pink and orange polka dot button down $4
18. Red polka dot shirt $3.39
19. Knitted scarf $6
20. Patagonia fleece $3
21. Mountain hardware hat $6
22. Clarks originals Mary Jane flats $10
23. LL Bean fleece jacket $6
24. Etcetera tweed and leather trim blazer $4
25. Knitted flower beanie $8
26. Levis jeans $4
27. Lands End lemon lime dress $4.59

Not pictured:
1. Suzi Shin for Maggie boutique dress $5
2. Lands’ End coat from ThredUp $17
3. Returning Thredup stuff $15 (sad – this makes me think I won’t be shopping at ThredUp as much; they got rid of their free shipping option)
4. Lafayette148 button down shirt $4
5. Nixon Kensington watch $15 from Piperlime [worn HERE]
6. Ralph Lauren sweatpants $3.50
7. Gap sweatpants $1
9. Talbots slacks $2.50

TOTAL = $295.83 – YIKES!!!!! that is insane. I went WAY over my budget of $100. But I DID sell some stuff on ebay and I have some birthday and Christmas money left over – we’ll see how I do next month =/

Now it’s your turn to spill the beans! How did you do this month??

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pattern mixing plus new bag and watch


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Hi friends! Happy Monday! Today’s post I’m showcasing two of my birthday gifts (that I gave myself because I’m a diva like that and I like to treat myself) AND mixing fun prints.

I found this lovely Dooney & Bourke briefcase from the Alto collection at a strange, large thrift store in Winston-Salem. It was a bit more than what I wanted to spend but as a bag aficionado, I couldn’t part with it.

The Nixon Kensington watch was a little treat to myself from Piperlime. I had gift cards plus a birthday coupon so I got it for $15. Sad to hear though, that Gap Inc is closing Piperlime in April. I had no idea that the store wasn’t performing well. Anyway, I’m loving the sleek watch and am loving its larger size.

Daniel Rainn blouse, Etcetera skirt, Clarks classics ballet flats Daniel Rainn blouse, Etcetera skirt, Clarks classics ballet flats Daniel Rainn blouse, Etcetera skirt, Clarks classics ballet flats Nixon Kensington Watch, Dooney & Bourke Alto Briefcase Red Nixon Kensington Watch Nixon Kensington Watch

Well I hope you’re having a great day and I hope you like my silly outfit!

Outfit details:
Top: Daniel Rainn, thrifted $1.50
Skirt: Etcetera, thirfted $3.39
Necklace: Tiffany & Co, gift
Shoes: Clarks Originals, thrifted $10
Bag: Dooney & Bourke Alto double gusset briefcase in red, thrifted $50
Watch: Nixon Kensington, Piperlime $15 after gift certificates and coupon
Bracelet: Jewelmint, old

chevron & olive green, a #workwearwednesay post!


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Hi friends! Happy Wednesday. I’m finally back to blogging more (hopefully). A lot has happened in the past few weeks:

1. I had my arm procedure and 2 subsequent weeks off work (it was nice to get a chance to relax)
2. I turned 30. WOW, I can’t believe that time has come. I’m feeling somewhat bummed but somewhat excited. It’s a strange feeling.
3. I returned back to work, although part time for a few weeks (doctor’s orders!).
4. I did A LOT of thrifting with my mother-in-law during my off time, because not being able to drive and being home alone is boring! So of course my January budget has been blown.
5. I finished reading a book!!!! I had hoped to read 3 but actually finishing one is good; I’m a habitual non-book-finisher. BTW the book I read is Laura Shapiro’s Something From The Oven: Reinventing Dinner in 1950s America. It’s quite good!

Ok, now let’s discuss the good stuff, my workwear Wednesday outfit:

workwear wednesday: chevron top, NYDJ jeggings, olive green jacket workwear wednesday: chevron top, NYDJ jeggings, olive green jacket workwear wednesday: chevron top, NYDJ jeggings, olive green jacket

I hope you liked it! What are you wearing this Wednesday?

Outfit Details:
Top: New Directions chevron tunic, thrifted $3.39
Jacket: DG by Diane Gilman olive green jacket, thrifted $4.59
Jeans: NYDJ jeggings, Marshalls $30
Shoes: MIA grey wedge boots, thrifted $9
Necklace:, $12?
Scarf: leopard print, thrifted $1.39

workwear wednesday: private school uniform?


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Hi friends and happy Wednesday! I hope you’re having a great week so far. I’ve had a nice week – yesterday I had a minor procedure for elbow tendinitis. I’ve got 2 weeks off work to recover:) I’ll be taking it easy with blogging and life in general (as if I don’t do that anyway).

Here’s a picture hubby took of me last week. I sometimes think I attended a private school in a past life because I find myself wearing uniform-esque outfits and feeling quite comfortable ;)

workwear wednesday workwear wednesday workwear wednesday

Thanks for joining me for another #WorkwearWednesday and don’t forget to visit Justine at The Thrifty Girl’s Guide for her Workwear Wednesday post!

Outfit Details:
Top: J. Crew polka dot chambray shirt (men’s), thrifted $3.39
Sweater: Old Navy, thrifted $3.39
Skirt: Simply Vera, consignment $0 (used credit)
Tights: old
Shoes: Sanita clogs, thrifted $3.39
Necklace: Groopdealz, ~$10
Bag: Natasha Durham Rough and Tumble waxed canvas & leather 1909 messenger bag (I used my consignment earnings to pay for this bag cause it’s expensive! but I love it!).

december 2014 budget


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Hi there friends! Well, another month has (almost) gone by and it’s time to analyze the fashion purchases for the month.

December Fashion Budget

Here’s what I got this month:

  1. Brown Ralph Lauren full skirt, $11 from Pennies for Change Thrift Store
  2. Karen Kane black with embroidery dress, $4.59 from Goodwill
  3. Rough & Tumble large clutch [made in the USA], $56 from Sofia’s Carrboro, also available on Etsy.
  4. Rough & Tumble 1909 messenger bag in waxed canvas & leather in ipad size [made in the USA], $188 from Sofia’s Carrboro, also available on Etsy.
  5. Olive green studded jacket, thrifted $4.59 from Goodwill
  6. Matisse leather sandals, $5 from North Raleigh Mission Store
  7. Mia wedge boots, $10 from DRM Store
  8. LOFT polka dot tee, $3.39 from Goodwill
  9. Rafaella black ruffle tank, $3.39 from Goodwill
  10. Poncho, $17.20 from ThredUp
  11. Kate Spade pink packable tote bag, $5 from Goodwill
  12. Black Gallery coat, $8 from Goodwill
  13. Turquoise and sterling earrings, used consignment credit
  14. Lilly Pulitzer blue ruffle sweater, $4.59 from Goodwill
  15. Banana Republic factory bird print blouse, $9.70 from ThredUp
  16. Apt. 9 olive green sweater, $3.39 from Goodwill
  17. Old Navy black sweater $3.39 from Goodwill
  18. Vintage brown Coach crossbody purse, $8 from Goodwill
  19. [Not pictured] 2 pair of cat socks, $15
  20. [Not pictured] long summer/beach dress, $4.59 from Goodwill
  21. KITTY: Mr. Ulysses

-$255.00 consignment payout
TOTAL = $109.82 [only $9.82 over my budget]

As usual I did a ton of thrifting (and a little ThredUp-ing) this month. I love what I got and I feel as though I’ll wear all of it (except maybe the vintage Coach bag, I plan on selling it). My favorite item is the Rough & Tumble bag that I’ve been crushing on for years. I finally made enough money from consignments and decided to treat myself. We’ll see how I do in January but it’s my birthday month so I might treat myself a little extra ;)

What about you? How did you do this month? What’s your plan for January?

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workwear wednesday – casual polka dots


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Hi friends! I’m sure you’re having an amazingly busy December, too. In the past week, I’ve had 2 holiday parties, lots and lots of work, and lots of house cleaning. I’m super tired but also kind of sad I didn’t get any cute pictures of my party outfits. Instead I’ve got one picture of me being tired and super casual. Here it is:

polka dot chambray shirt, NYDJ damask skinnies, Rockport truewalk zero welt oxford

Well, friends, I hope you’re all having a wonderful wWednesday

And don’t forget to check out Justine’s #WorkwearWednesday post at The Thrifty Girl’s Guide!
Outfit Deets:
Shirt: Polka dot chambray shirt, thrifted $3.39
Pants: NYDJ leggings, thrifted $5.99
Shoes: Rockport TrueWalk Zero Welt Oxford, last season


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