Melinda Maria Jewelry – Gorgeous!

Melinda Maria Moon & Star necklace
Melinda Maria Moon & Star necklace

It all started back in 2008 or 2009 when I saw this necklace on Angela Montenegro’s neck during an episode of Bones and I had to have it. After weeks of combing through Bones fan forums online, I stumbled upon a link to Melinda Maria’s site and I was instantly happy (and I could finally calm down a bit, I was a little bit fanatic about finding this necklace)! A forum user was kind enough to post the whereabouts of the necklace and put my mind at ease.  I am a sun, moon, and especially stars (I have a star tattoo on my lower back) freak! This necklace haunted me in my dreams (well, not really)… I obsessed over it–the star, the moon, the gold color, and the asymmetrical design–it was a perfect specimen of celestial jewelry.

Fast forward for Valentine’s day 2011, when my husband got so sick of me whining about this necklace over and over, and with a little hint from me (not subtle at all– I emailed him a coupon code from Melinda Maria), he finally put me out of my misery and bought me my very own Melinda Maria Moon & Star necklace for me to love and cherish and drool over and wear over and over and over again.

I have to give props to Melinda and her jewelry. Although many celebrities wear her gorgeous jewelry I was a little bit skeptical of the necklace’s beauty and/or quality because honestly, the price was GREAT in my opinion (w/coupon). When I opened the box and put it on, I became a believer. The whole necklace is well made, even though it’s vermeil (gold plated metal), it wears like gold. I’ve received many compliments on my beautiful necklace and I’ve been wearing it every day for about 6 weeks now.

The only comment I have to say is take care of  your necklace and don’t let it shimmy around your jewelry box with other sharp object because I noticed right away that the moon was getting small scratches all over it. I shine it with a polishing cloth before I wear it, and it shines it up and makes it look almost brand new every time.


So, basically I just want to thank Melinda Maria for making such beautiful adornments at prices that aren’t so bad you have to sell a kidney. I am soooo bad, I’m already thinking about what piece I want to get from Melinda Maria next (and by get I mean ask for as a special occasion gift). I am eying the Dahlia Blossom Pave Earrings– I love the look of pave.

So, all in all, I love Melinda Maria and her jewels! Keep making beautiful object, Melinda Maria! And folks, get on Facebook, like Melinda’s page or get on her email list. As soon as you get a Melinda Maria coupon code, jump on it! You won’t regret your purchase!


8 thoughts on “Melinda Maria Jewelry – Gorgeous!

    1. I saw it on bones too! As soon as I noticed it I couldn’t look away from her neck. I’m usually not jewellery obsessed but this necklace, I had too look for 🙂

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