Today’s Deals

Here’s a quick roundup of the coupons and deals that showed up in my inbox this morning.

  • Moxsie is offering 20% off your order with code NEWSLETTER2011.
  • Ann Taylor LOFT is offering an additional 40% off sale styles. A coupon code is not needed, prices will reflect discount at checkout.
  • Lands End Canvas is having their spring sale with selected items up to 40% off & free shipping at $100.

Moxsie is offering 20% off your order with code NEWSLETTER2011. For those of you who don’t know who/what Moxsie is, this is a blurb about them taken from their site:  “Moxsie’s mission is to help you discover and buy the best independent designer clothing, jewelry, shoes and more in the world.” So there you have it, the emphasis is on independent designers. I don’t know the site very well and have never made a purchase with them, but the unique style intrigued me so I signed up for the Moxsie email newsletter.

KnittedDove Adventure Eyelet Dress
KnittedDove Adventure Eyelet Dress

Here are some items from Moxsie that caught my eye:

I like the look of the Eyelet Adventure Dress by Knitted Dove because, as you know, I’m obsessed with anything nautical and eyelet fabric and this lovely dress has both! Not sure how it would look on my larger frame, but it sure does look nice on the model. I also like that the dress is 100% cotton, which is my favorite fabric for clothes. It also has a defined, belted waist, which is an excellent feature for curvy women looking to define the smallest part of the torso.

Tidal Wave Trench Khaki
Tidal Wave Trench Khaki

At $92, this dress is a little out of my price range but on sale or with a coupon it could be a unique

and stylish addition to your wardrobe. Pair with a red or khaki double breasted cotton jacket, and you’ve got the makings of a hot ensemble. As for shoes, espadrilles, wedges, platforms, or red pumps would all work here. The model is actually wearing a pair of red espadrilles, which are super cute, but not my first choice because they lack a substantial heel. I just looooooove nautical themed clothing.

The second item of clothing that caught my eye at Moxie is the Tidal Wave Trench jacket, also by Knitted Dove. It has a very unique style for a trench and a neutral color that would go well with just about anything. The collar is fantastic, I think. And of course, the belt adds a nice slimming touch. I also have an obsession with jackets for their ability to pull a whole outfit together, act as a slimming factor, and hide any problem areas. For me, that’s my stomach and arms.

Cropped Knit Jacket
Cropped Knit Jacket

Also, I received word from Ann Taylor LOFT that all of their sale styles are marked an additional 40% off. There is no coupon code needed, prices will reflect discount at checkout.

I don’t covet anything in the sale category (fortunately for me; I need more clothes like I need a hole in the head but I looooove them), but I do like some of the LOFT new spring arrivals.  Specifically, I love the new Cropped Knit Jacket, and of course it’s a nautical style navy jacket with brass buttons, so how could I not like it?

Dress the Cropped Knit Jacket down with a simple white blouse and jeans, like the picture, or dress it up with a red skirt and a white ruffle blouse. Or try it with a yellow dress and espadrilles. With a color as versatile as navy blue, the style possibilities are endless. The price is a little hefty at $79.50 but with a coupon or if it goes on sale, it’s not a bad purchase, especially because if this little jacket’s wardrobe versatility.

The only caveat I have for this jacket is that it’s knit (like a sweater) instead of a more structured office blazer/jacket, which means it’s not going to have the structure and smoothness of a sateen-type jacket. Basically, a knit jacket is more like a sweater and will have a tendency to bulge out more if you have bulges (which I do).

And lastly, one of my all time favorite online retailers, Lands’ End, is having their Spring Sale for their Lands’ End Canvas line. I absolutely love the preppy look and Lands End is a great company that treats its customers well. I will have to write a whole separate post about the clothes and accessories I like at Lands End Canvas because there are just too many of them :).


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