Feminine, flirty, fun dresses

Shabby Apple Happy Talk Dress
Shabby Apple Happy Talk Dress


I just recently discovered Shabby Apple while reading Uber Chic for Cheap, one of my blog inspirations. I instantly fell in love with Shabby Apple’s vintage-y designs, feminine embellishments, and seemingly flattering “grown up” dresses.

I say grown up because I’ve been noticing dresses getting shorter and more and more of them are strapless. While that was fine to wear when I was in high school, I’m larger and more mature now, I like dresses that flatter my body and reflect my grown up style.

Even though I love most of the Apple Dresses, I’ve got my eye on one dress in particular, the Happy Talk dress. With a super cute name, stretch cotton poplin fabric, and gorgeous rosette embellishment, this pacific-inspired dress is a winner. Although at $88, it’s typically out of my price range for one item of clothing, I might just break down and buy it.

I think the Happy Talk dress would look amazing paired with some colorful wedges or espadrilles and maybe even a wide stretchy belt. I just love the color; yellow goes well with many skin tones.

Shabby Apple Garden Isle Dress
Shabby Apple Garden Isle Dress

Here’s another dress that I drool over constantly, it’s called Garden Isle. The smaller waist and fuller skirt along with the pink pattern fabric and 50’s style is just awesome.

I’d wear the Garden Isle dress with a pair of dark T-strap heels, just to accentuate the super feminine, vintage look. Can I hurry up and win the lottery now so I can lots of pretty dresses?

What do you all think of these Shabby Apple vintage-y dress?


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