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mini vacation

Hi everyone, no I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I’ve been ridiculously stressed at work and working long hours. I’m going on a mini vacation tonight to Charlotte with my hubby to see our favorite DJ group, Above & Beyond. I promise to post when I get back this weekend!




iSpy: sideways bow peep toe

Marc Fisher Manilla Pump Blush Patent
Marc Fisher Manilla Pump Blush Patent

I just came upon these super sexy nude peep toes and I had to share them. These heels have the super cute off-center bow, patent leather construction, and of course, a peep toe cutout to let your sexy red toenails show through.

Nude (or blush or natural or whatever you want to call it) colored shoes and clothes are really in this season.  **NB: I actually don’t care to use the word “nude” to describe this color. “Nude” means naked, and naked skin can be white, brown, black, and everything in between. That is my opinion. kthxbye.

I’m not really into blush colored tops and dresses but on shoes, it is a soft color that can allow your brightly colored nail polish or flowery outfit do all the talking. This neutral color also matches with any and everything.

I really like these Marc Fisher shoes, which I spied at Macy’s, most of all because they remind me of the Valentino patent leather peep toes I wrote about not long ago, but much, much less expensive. And lastly, at $53.40 [on sale], these sexy nude pumps are not sartorial debauchery.

in the dressing room: Talbots

Jackie Fit Tuileries swing jacket
I'm trying on the Jackie Fit Tuileries swing jacket
Jackie Fit Tuileries swing jacket
Jackie Fit Tuileries swing jacket

I just had to stop by Talbots yesterday when I heard that a certain Talbots Jackie Fit Tuileries swing jacket was going on 50% off sale.

As I had been watching this beautiful jacket and even blogged about it earlier, I just could not control myself from “visiting” it at the store.

I tried the jacket in size 14 petite, 14 regular, and 12 regular. I think the 14 regular fit most comfortably. The petite was too short (I’m about 5’3.5″ but with short legs and an average torso). The size 12 fit too but was slightly tight around the bust.

Belle flower full skirt
I'm trying on the Talbots Belle flower full skirt

I really like this jacket but I’m not sure about the price – $94. Is that too much to pay for a good quality structured jacket? I just love its vintage inspired feel and the fabric is a thick knit cotton, which felt high quality. Any opinions here are appreciated!

I also tried on the Belle Flower Full Skirt while I was visiting Talbots. I had also been eying this gorgeous floral skirt and it was on sale for ~$43 which wasn’t a terribly bad price.

Once on, my love for the skirt faded quickly. On the model, the skirt appears full and drapes attractively on her figure. On me, the skirt was very blah – it had no fullness and it was just hanging on me like a coat hangs sloppily on a coat tree.

Lafayette - Sandpaper Kisses
Lafayette - Purveyor of Sandpaper Kisses

It might have looked slightly better if I actually tried on the petite version of the skirt, wore heels, and took off my black tights, but not all that much. Good, the last think I need right now is to spend more money on clothes. I have to draw the line somewhere, right? 🙂

But the spring jacket still haunts my dreams. I’d like some of my friends’ opinions regarding whether it’s worth the money, looks good, etc. So don’t hold back!

And for good measure, I’m throwing in a picture of Lafayette (Laffy) the tuxedo cat, official mascot of Sandpaper Kisses Blog.

Look for Less: Pretty in Prints

cascading flower cardigan at Talbots
cascading flower cardigan at Talbots
New York & Company floral print cardigan
New York & Company floral print cardigan

I love LOVE love floral prints and cardigans. Combine the two and you’ve got a recipe for perfection. But you already knew that. I just had to share a look for less version of this stupendous Talbots Cascading Flower Cardigan. It’s simply stunning. But at $89.00, this pretty flower cardigan is out of my league and makes is a slight sartorial debauchery.

I spied this dress for less floral cardigan over at New York & Company and immediately liked it.

Now, I had written off NY & Co. for a few years now because the quality of their clothes was becoming atrocious, but I’m willing to give them another chance.

NY & Co. Bold Floral Cropped Cardigan
NY & Co. Bold Floral Cropped Cardigan

I’ll have to go check it out in the store, but at less than $20, this is a fantastic printed cardi that you can throw on over a plain tank and jeans, a solid colored blouse and trousers, or a solid dress (like they have in their picture). At $40, it’s not a terribly bad price but I would wait for a coupon or sale =)

I also saw this floral cardigan at NY & Co. and it also caught my eye. I LOVE how the stylists paired this darker pinkish and purple cardigan with a light pink dress. SEXY!

wardrobe essentials: cardigans

How do I love thee, cardigan? Let me count the ways. Today I’m going to address cardigans as a curvy girl’s wardrobe essential. Cardigans are a great way to add layers and texture to your outfit, to hide any trouble spots, to stay warm, and to add a little hint of vintage style.

My favorite way to style a cardi is on top of a blouse with either pants or a skirt. If I have a special or embellished cardigan, I wear it with a plain tank top so as not to distract from the cardigan itself. Cardigans also work really well work on top of dresses. They are fantastic work-appropriate wardrobe essentials.

When it comes to colors and prints, I love all of them. I have cardigans in sky blue, purple, light pink, turquoise, navy, and patterned ones in various colors. I don’t like to go overboard when it comes to mixing colors and patterns (ie. a floral print blouse work with a floral print cardigan is just too much print) but a little polka dot mixed with a little floral never hurt anybody. I love embellished cardigans too, whether with buttons, ruffles, or a flower or rosette.  Here are some of my current favorite cardigans.

me in a ruffle blouse and cardigan
me in a ruffle blouse and cardigan

My lovely coworker and friend Doris, who is also a very talented photographer and blogger too, snapped some photos of me today at work. She is SO good! Go check out her blog for more beautiful and amazing photography. I have to give her super duper props for standing on a chair to take pictures–she minimized my double chin, and for that I am eternally grateful.

What I’m wearing in this photo: The Limited Cardigan [purple color NLA; size XL], Forever 21 watercolor floral ruffled top [size L], Forever 21 bow headband [NLA; similar headband here], my beloved Melinda Maria moon and star necklace, and New York & Company grey a-line skirt circa 2007 and Kenneth Cole Reaction reddish peep toe sling back pumps circa 2006 [both not visible].

I simply love the look of a ruffled tank or blouse worn underneath a simple cotton cardigan. I also like cardis for their ability to camouflage problem areas like arms and bellies. There you go! There are so many ways to wear a cardigan, making it an important part of your wardrobe essentials.