Talbots designers embrace modern vintage style

Talbots Catalog
Talbots Catalog

It’s not your mom’s Talbots anymore, at least that’s what I think. Several years ago, you’d be hard pressed to find me anywhere near a Talbots, which is where my mom gets the majority of her clothes. But lately, I’ve been noticing that the clothing retailer has this new, ultra-feminine, vintage-inspired vibe. And I love it. I don’t really care if my mom and I shop at the same store, as long as we both look good.

When I received Talbots latest catalog, I was instantly blown away by many things: Julianne Moore and her  beauty, the amazingly feminine and vintage-y spring line, and specifically, the Talbots Jackie Fit Tuileries swing jacket. Drooooool.

I love everything about this jacket–the colors, the pattern, the style, the homage to the 1960s. EVERYTHING is right on point (I really should try it on before making that type of assertion, but what can I say? I’m in love). Unfortunately, at $189, this jacket is slightly out of my league for now and is considered sartorial debauchery. But with a sale or a coupon code, I don’t think I could keep myself from buying it.

Jackie Fit Tuileries swing jacket
Jackie Fit Tuileries swing jacket

I really find a neutral, floral jacket like Talbots Jackie Fit Tuileries swing jacket to be very versatile. You could pair it with jeans and a white tee for a casual, around-the-town look. You could wear it with a beautiful white, pink, black, or green dress. You could wear it with a pair of khaki slacks and a dark blouse. Or wear this jacket with a dark skirt and white blouse. You could wear it with a blue top and dark pants…the possibilities are endless for this elegant and gorgeous swing jacket. Another design element I like is that this jacket is “structured”. A structured jacket has vertical lines and stiff material that will pull a whole outfit together and make you look sleek and professional (as opposed to a knit jacket or sweater, which is more fluid in shape). I also think a swing jacket like this one flatters many different body shapes.

There are so many clothes and shoes I love at Talbots right now, I could ramble aimlessly about them forever.  But I would have to saw the the Tuileries swing jacket is my #1 favorite item, followed by the Talbots Au Natural Leather T-strap platforms. I die.

What do you all think? (How) Would you wear the Tuileries swing jacket?

PS. Talbots is having a 4 day sale right now — 20% off purchase with coupon code BLOOM. Eeeeek!


3 thoughts on “Talbots designers embrace modern vintage style

  1. I’m loving Talbots new catalog look too. My son’s girlfriend works at the Talbots outlet in Mebane. Next time she gives me a 50% coupon, I’ll ask if she can get another and I’ll pass it along to you.

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