a sunny saturday with family and food

Tres Leches Cupcake
Tres Leches Cupcake

My lovely sister-in-law Loraine along with Wesley’s aunt, uncle, and cousins (who left this morning) visited this weekend. It was my father-in-law’s birthday on Thursday so yesterday Wesley and I took the opportunity to make yet another amazing cupcake from Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes cookbook.

Martha has never let us down and the Tres Leches Cupcake recipe was no exception! They were AMAZING and everyone gobbled them up, including the young children. Tres Leches means “three milks” and that makes sense since we used evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream to make the cupcakes. First an egg-heavy dough is made and placed in the cupcake tins and baked. The baked cupcakes are then soaked in the tres leches mixture, acting like sponges. Then the cupcakes are topped with whipped cream. I am drooling just thinking about them again. If you like milk, sugar, and eggs, you’ll love the Tres Leches Cupcakes from Martha Stewart’s cookbook.

Today we visited one of my favorite Durham places, Guglhupf bakery. This German bakery and restaurant has the best pastries in the Triangle, hands down. We took Loraine here since she hadn’t been and the food and coffee was a big hit as expected. Guglhupf’s pastries are plentiful and impressive. One of my favorite items there is the fruit tart. It’s the best tart I’ve ever had.

Guglhupf Fruit Tart
Guglhupf Fruit Tart


And on a fashion related note, while at Guglhupf I saw an outfit that I liked. This fabulous outfit consisted of cropped skinny white jeans, a navy blue blouse, a brown blazer, and wedge sandals. The lady who was wearing this outfit was skinny and blonde and could really pull it off. I really like that look and its preppy factor but I’m not sure I can wear white skinny cropped pants. I’ll try and put together a similar look/outfit in another blog post.

Hope everyone’s enjoying the weekend with family and friends.



2 thoughts on “a sunny saturday with family and food

  1. We had a great time! Seems like I didn’t to socialize quite as much as everyone else! But it was great seeing ya’ll! And the cupcakes were delish! Love ya’ll!

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