A (Kate) Dress for Less!

kate spade summer 2011 outfit, image courtesy of KateSpadelookbook.com
kate spade summer 2011 outfit – Fleur Dress, image courtesy of KateSpadelookbook.com

As you know, I am obsessed with floral dresses and more recently, with Kate Spade. I spied this gorgeous dress, flats, and bangles outfit on her lookbook site. It’s truly fabulous–the color, the print, the cut of the dress, and the shiny patent leather shoes. I just love love love color!

But, alas, I can’t afford the $715 (holy crap, more sartorial debauchery, I see) for this beautiful, sophisticated Kate Spade outfit. But then I remembered a pretty dress I saw over at JC Penney and I was inspired to assemble an affordable ensemble (tongue twister, huh?). Although this affordable outfit isn’t quite as cute as its Kate Spade counterpart, it’s easy on the wallet and easy on the eyes. Don’t you just love that leafy green color? Very springy/summery and kind of reminds me of the 50s a little bit.

And here’s my dress for less version of the Kate Spade ensemble (with 2 different dress options):

Dress for Less outfit
My Dress for Less outfit; images courtesy of their respective sites

[ Scoopneck Dress | Halter Dress | Red Flats| Bracelet ]

Jones Wear® Scoop Neck Floral Print Dress option from JC Penney= $59.99

OR Jessica Howard Floral-Print Halter dress option from Dillard’s=$80.00

Mossimo Odelina Bow Flats in  Red Patent from Target= $17.99

Color Pop Bangles from Forever21 = $9.80

TOTAL outfit cost = between $87.78 and $107.79, with a savings of at least $600… WHOA


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