I love polka dots

polka dot top
Joie off white polka dot silk 'Simonie B' ruffle trim blouse

I love polka dots on skirts, scarves, dresses, shirts, jackets, and even pants. Although polka dots are kinda girlie, I find them feminine and classic and of course, vintage and retro.

Weekend at Sea Dress
Weekend at Sea Dress

I love the idea of wearing a polka dot blouse under a nice structured jacket with either jeans or slacks. A perfect springtime or summertime outfit for work or running around. A white or cream blouse with dark polka dots would looks simply stunning with a red jacket and dark or khaki pants.

heart print top
heart print top

I drool over this Joie off white polka dot silk ‘Simonie B’ ruffle trim blouse. But unfortunately at over $100, it’s definitely sartorial debauchery.

And over at ModCloth, I spied a super cool black and white polka dot nautical (amazing collar, amiright?) dress that just screams “summertime.” Plus, you all know how much I love nautical stuff.

ASOS Tailored Spot 2 in 1 Flared Skirt Dress
ASOS Tailored Spot 2 in 1 Flared Skirt Dress

And along the polka dot road is another polka dot blouse, the less expensive version of the aforementioned Joie top, this Forever21 version. It’s technically got little hearts on it not polka dots, but for the low price of $17.80, it’s a fantastic substitution.

Plus this blouse appears to be one of those “bow front” shirts where you tie a bow in the front – super duper cuteness!

Polka Dot Ruffle Sleeveless Blouse
Polka Dot Ruffle Sleeveless Blouse

And on the polka dot road journey, there are so many cute clothes; too many to list. Here are a few more of my faves…

This lovely navy polka dot dress from ASOS would be a fantastic work outfit along with a nice structured jacket.

And this chic and feminine navy and white polka dot ruffle blouse from Jones New York is one of my very favorites. I just love ruffles!

I would love to get my hands on this blouse and wear it with a white skirt, khakis, red slacks, or jeans. And along with a summery twill jacket, a perfect summer outfit is born. And this concludes my trip down the polka dot road…for now.

So, what do you think about polka dots? How would you wear (or not wear) them?



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