blog series: wardrobe essentials for curvy women

What am I going to write about next? My plan is to write a series of blog posts about wardrobe essentials for curvy women. I think it’s important (and also frugal) to have an idea of what clothes and wardrobe pieces work and don’t work for your body and also for your day to day life.

I want to focus on work-appropriate wardrobe essentials for curvy ladies because that’s what I am, so I’m more confident talking about and suggesting career clothes for a curvy figure. However, I’m hoping these tips and ideas will be timeless and classic enough to apply to women of any shape and size.

Most of us don’t have an unlimited supply of money, so we need to make the most of the clothes we have. Mixing and matching essential pieces can make us feel like we’ve gone shopping, when in reality all we’ve done is just rearranged clothes.

My philosophy of wardrobe essentials (in a nutshell):

  • Layers make you look put-together and can be used to mask problem areas on the body.
  • Dress correctly for your body; ie. don’t insist on wearing jeggings because they’re in style when you have a large butt and large thighs that are the opposite of sexy when “painted on” with jeans.
  • I like the quote, “dress for the job you want not for the job you have“; I believe in always looking and dressing your best while in a professional environment. People judge you on your appearance whether you like it or not.
  • Don’t spend a lot of money on a a lot of cheap clothes when you can spend the same amount on one unique, stellar piece.
  • Don’t buy clothes just because they’re on sale or cheap.
  • Invest in a few key, high quality pieces (the word invest is derivative of  the word garment, clothing).
  • Don’t jump on the latest fashion fad bandwagon unless the clothes really appeal to your style and look good on your body.
  • Do look for classic, timeless pieces that you don’t have to replace every season.
  • Looking good doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and being comfortable doesn’t mean you’ll look like a hobo (this applies to clothing and shoes).
  • Organize your closet and dresser so that you can easily pick out and put together outfits.
  • Shoes are key but are a more personal topic; my philosophy on shoes is equal parts sexy to equal parts comfort. Admittedly, I own way more sexy shoes than comfortable shoes, but I’m getting better =]

Ever feel like you don’t have anything to wear yet you have a closet full of clothes? Me too. all the time. I want to remedy this (expensive) situation by creating outfits out of a few basic pieces. Every curvy woman should have some of the following wardrobe essentials:

  • Structured Jackets or Blazers – a good jacket is a must have
  • Cardigans – great for wearing over anything if it’s too warm to wear a jacket
  • Skirts of varying colors and fabrics
  • Dresses of varying colors, styles, and fabrics
  • Blouses – wear under cardigans or with jeans
  • Button down shirts – classic work apparel
  • T-shirts for weekend wear or running errands
  • Jeans – nice ones for work; more casual ones for weekend wear
  • Cropped pants – for when it’s effing hot outside
  • Trousers – classic work apparel
  • Your favorite accessories such as pearl necklaces, scarves, hoop earrings, bangles, brooches, hats, purses, etc.
  • Camisoles – I like to wear camis under my blouses
  • Shapewear (optional but I love them) – helps smooth out bulges
  • Comfortable bra & underwear – need I say more?
  • Trench coat and/or winter coat – appropriate rain and winter clothing= important
  • And of course work shoes, athletic shoes, sandals, flats, and whatever other shoes you like.

Obviously if you really don’t like wearing skirts, you’d leave skirts out of your rotation of outfits. These are just my ideas and basics that I think will have the broadest appeal. My plan is to write a couple of wardrobe essential blog posts per week; each post will discuss one essential item.

I hope readers find this helpful and please let me know if I left anything out.



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