wardrobe essentials: structured jackets

structured jacket
structured jacket
structured jacket
structured jacket

This is post 2 in my wardrobe essentials for curvy women blog series. I want to stress the importance of a sleek, structured jacket (or several jackets, hehe).

A structured jacket or blazer is stiffer than a sweater or knit jacket. This stiffness and the jacket’s vertical seams help a curvy woman accentuate the slimmest part of her body-her waist.

I love jackets because they also hide my least favorite parts, my arms and belly area. And also, a jacket brings the whole outfit together and adds a final layer.

Here’s a picture my hubby took of me in our garden in one of my favorite jackets [Old Navy yellow double breasted canvas jacket circa 2009]. Plus a The Limited Front Ruffle Top and The Limited Cassidy High Waist pant in navy.

Notice in the picture of me where I’m not wearing the jacket, how wide my waist looks. I like how a jacket visually narrows the waist area. Of course, a blazer or jacket is an excellent and professional addition to a work outfit!

double breasted structured jacket
double breasted structured jacket

I also like structured jackets because of their wardrobe versatility. You can wear a jacket with a blouse and trousers like I am in these pictures, with a t-shirt and jeans for running around on the weekend, or even on top of a dress.

coffee shop bandleader jacket sage
coffee shop bandleader jacket sage

This American Rag Twiggy Double Breasted Smocked Jacket from Macy’s is a great example of a versatile, structured jacket at a great price. And don’t be afraid of bright colors.

A brightly colored jacket can take a neutral or black/grey outfit and give it that extra spring punch.

Another structured jacket I really like is one that has military-inspired detailing. I love this Coffee Shop Bandleader Jacket at Target for under $35. This jacket’s more neutral sage/olive color would be great to wear with brighter colored blouses or shirts.

What do you think about jackets? Do you wear one regularly? Let me know what you think!


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