Look for Less: anthropologie floral dress

En Plein Air Dress
En Plein Air Dress - image courtesy of Anthropologie

I just ran across the En Plain Air Dress by Eva Franco at Anthropologie and I’m absolutely smitten. Of course, that’s expected given that dress has a bright floral pattern, a vintage inspired look, and a nice waist-cinching belt. This gorgeous and feminine dress reminds me of what my grandmother used to wear in the 1950s and 60s.

Unfortunately for me (and for many of my readers too), this dress is simply out of my price range at over $250, making it middle of the road sartorial debauchery. So I decided to peruse the interwebs for a dress for less version, although I know that finding an exact replacement will be impossible, I looked for a dress that had a similar look to it.

Nine West Floral Printed Seamed Dress
Nine West Floral Printed Seamed Dress - image courtesy of Lord & Taylor

One similar option is the Nine West floral-printed seamed dressavailable at Lord & Taylor. Though the neckline is different, the overall affect of the dress and its vintage look remain.

Plus at $128 (and there are often coupons available!), this dress is at least 50% less expensive than its Anthropologie counterpart.

Other options I found are the Elementz Sleeveless Floral Shift Dress and the Muse Sleeveless Floral Pleated Skirt Dress at Macy’s and the Anne Klein Floral Print Sheath Dress at Lord & Taylor. Both have a similar (ie. higher) neckline like the Anthropologie dress. All three dresses are under $110.

The Elementz dress is really cute and it even comes with a pink shrug/cardigan! Unfortunately, the colors are a little off from the En Plein Air Dress.

Dress for Less

The Anne Klein Floral Dress is really feminine and I especially like the print and the colors, although they are paler than the En Plein Air dress, they are similar. and lastly the Muse dress has a feminine and flirty full skirt, but the colors are blue and very different from the En Plein Air dress.

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite but if I had to it would be the Anne Klein dress–it’s the most vintage looking in my opinion. And I also LOVE the combination of a light green and pink or coral. Drool.

Skinny Bow Belt
Skinny Bow Belt

Pair any of these floral dresses with a skinny belt and you’ve got a close version of the Anthropologie floral dress for at least half the price. I especially like this Skinny Bow Belt from New York and Company. CUTE!

And lastly I just want to apologize for my floral dress obsession! I’m sure my readers are already getting sick of seeing post after post dedicated to flowery dresses.

I’m a girly girl and I can’t help it!

Anyway, this concludes this dress for less segment. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment below!


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