etsy wishlist: jewelry edition

Belle Vue Ring sterling antique inspired
Belle Vue Ring sterling antique inspired

I love wearing and buying jewelry very much; anyone who knows me can easily tell! I’ve had my eye on FIGIstanbul’s Etsy shop for about 2 years. This artisan makes beautiful vintage-inspired Turkish jewelry.

I have several vintage-y Turkish-style pieces that I absolutely love! The antique look and feel along with intricate detailing and brightly colored stones make me giddy.

FIGIstanbul makes amazing necklaces, rings, earrings, and more at a very reasonable price.

I really like the Belle Vue ring with its antique swirls and intricate detailing. And at under $60, this ring is a steal! It’s hand made in Istanbul by a group of skilled artisans.

Pagan Goddess Hoops
Pagan Goddess Hoops

Another Etsy store that I’ve watched for a while is Mocahete out of Georgia (the state). The artisans of Mocahete (a father and daughter team) specialize in a modern or contemporary take on “tribal” designs.

I love substantial earrings that make a statement and also have a penchant for stars and other celestial imagery (I have a star tattoo). So naturally the Pagan Goddess Hoops are totally up my alley. I just love them! At $92 they are a little pricey but for a one-of-a-kind hand made piece of jewelry that you can wear for years and years, it’s not a bad price!

And lastly, even though I’m not a huge bracelet person, I’ve had my eyes on this pretty cuff for years. It’s a mesh silver bracelet made by NY Light Metals that I’ve seen worn on TV shows and movies alike. It’s kind of got this punk rock badass vibe but it’s feminine at the same time.

Liquid Silver Mesh Cuff Bracelet
Liquid Silver Mesh Cuff Bracelet

At $72 it’s a little pricey but you can get a thinner version of the cuff for about fifteen dollars less. I think it’s a very versatile bracelet that can go with just about anything.

There are so many beautiful things on Etsy. I’d like one of each of them, please. I wish:)


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