I “shoes” you!

Aldo Forwood Wedge
Aldo Forwood Wedge

I have been seriously jonesing for some new shoes for the spring. Wedges, peep toes, t-straps, heels… so many choices. I just want something sexy and spring and summer appropriate.

Today I discovered the Aldo Forwood wedge with super trendy “tribal” print and I looooove them.

I also found another blogger who bought the Forwood and models it in a series of pictures…. one word: gorgeous!

I am not sure about the walkability factor here, but sometimes that’s irrelevant.

As to how I would wear them: with cropped jeans and a black top, black dress, or skirt and white top. Something plain to let the cool pattern take center stage.

what do you guys think?


2 thoughts on “I “shoes” you!

  1. these shoes are to die for. I love the mix of colors here along with the almost tribal print on the bottom and modern paint splash effect on the top part. Very fun! It’s a party in a shoe!

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