In the dressing room: aldo

Yesterday I blogged about the Aldo Forwood wedge and how much I loved it. Well, later on yesterday, I went to the mall to visit the Forwood wedge, try it on, and take pictures.

I loved them!!! The heel is high at 5″ and about a 1″ platform, but they weren’t comfortable for the few minutes I walked in them. I would not recommend walking in them but as I sit on my butt all day at work, I can see them totally working out. I also found out I’m a size 40 at Aldo (I normally wear a size 9 but I have wide feet).

Now I want your opinions. Wed said they were tacky, so now I’m unsure. I have a hard time buying clothes and shoes at full price, so if I did buy them I would wait for a sale.

So what do y’all think? Cute? Sexy? Tacky? Don’t be shy!





4 thoughts on “In the dressing room: aldo

  1. Nout, They are too cute. Perfect for the plain/solids attire. I don’t think they are tacky at all. Very cute when paired withthe right clothes. What concerns me is the high wedge at 5 inches. Very difficult to walk in but it can be done. I can’t go that high anymore having had an ankle injury/fracture several years ago which doesn’s allow supporting weight solely on that foot. So for me they won’t work at all. I would need a shorter wedge at best. I have beaded Bandolino’s wedges that several friends just cringe at…that I love… different taste. Pam

  2. Thanks for your input, my dear Pam. Yes I agree they are really high. I don’t think I would wear them often, but I like how unusual they are. Very different–you don’t see many shoes with the “tribal” print fabric. I also agree, wearing them with a plain black dress or solids would be killer. I also had a ankle injury about 7 years ago, and for many years afterward I couldn’t wear heels above 2 inches. But now finally my ankle has healed and I can wear really high heels. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your input! I totally love them but my husband can be such a bummer, LOL. I am patiently waiting for the Aldo Forwood to go on sale and then I might snatch them up quickly.

      Re: ankara fashion – I love it too and I absolutely agree with you, mixing old and new, modern and traditional can make for a fantastic style. I do this often by wearing traditional/antique jewelry with my more modern, office-appropriate pieces. Being Egyptian, I have a deep love and admiration for old-style, traditional pieces. I think my next jewelry purchase will be a pair of Fulani earrings. I LOVE the look.

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