reader request: comfortable, affordable flats

My wonderful cousin Deb is a young, busy mom of three little girls. She asked me to help her find a pair of comfortable, flat, affordable, cute shoes. She would normally wear her flip flops running around and playing with her kids. But even these simple, ubiquitous flip flops have waned in their popularity. I totally get it Deb, comfortable does NOT have to mean perfunctory or boring. It’s good to shake things up once in a while!

Even though I’m not a mom, I like to get down with comfy flats too. I am going to start with my favorites as recommendations for Deb.

1. Flat Thongs Sandals

When summertime comes around and I want something simple and a little sexy, I go for my gold thong flat sandals.They go with everything, are easy to wear, and are relatively comfortable as long as you’re not on your feet all day. And at $7.50, these cute sandals won’t break the bank.

Forever21 Leatherette Sandals
Forever21 Leatherette Sandals

2. Crocs

Anyone that knows me knows that I love Crocs. The two main reasons that attract me to Crocs are comfort and durability during rainy days. My favorite pair are Crocs Malindi slingbacks; they are very cute, comfortable, and feminine. And they are currently on sale for $14.99-19.99, which is a steal.

Crocs Malindi
Crocs Malindi

I have the Malindi in navy and wear them when running around town, gardening, and even to work when it’s raining. If they get muddy, you can easily wash them off in the sink.

3. Mary Jane Athletic Flats

The third pair of go-to flats for me are a more athletic, rubber soled, Mary Jane style flats. I love that they have a hint of femininity yet are still considered athletic shoes.

Chant Mary Jane from Payless
Chant Mary Jane from Payless

My pick for Deb is this super cute Champion Mary Jane from Payless.  You can wear these with capris, shorts, pants, and even skirts and dresses. The idea is versatility, femininity, and comfort.

These cute Mary Jane sneakers are on sale for $19.99, which is not a bad price. They come in 4 different colors too.

Singne D'Orsay Flats from Target
Singne D'Orsay Flats from Target

4. Peep Toe Flats

Lastly, I want to recommend a type of flat shoe what I myself don’t own but am currently looking for– the peep toe flat!

Perfect for summer, the cute and sexy peep toe flat shoe is versatile and feminine. This type of shoe can be worn with pants, shorts, capris, skirts, or dresses.

I love these Xhilaration Singne D’Orsay peep toe Flats in red patent. I love a pop of color to brighten up your outfit. These cute flats are currently on sale for $16.99, a price that doesn’t raise any eyebrows.

There you go, Deb! I hope I was helpful in finding you a cute pair of comfortable flats! Let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “reader request: comfortable, affordable flats

  1. thank you so much, this is very helpful!!! i love the crocs those are too cute!!! i love them all and think i will be trying to find me a pair of each!!! didn’t know they made crocs like that though!!! thank you so much you are the best!!! 🙂

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