shoe withdrawals

Isidro Ankle Strap Wedge from Payless
Isidro Ankle Strap Wedge from Payless

I am having some serious shoe withdrawals.

Silly, I know, since the world seems to be ending [see tornadoes, earthquakes, wars, floods, heat waves, etc] but all I can think of is something cute on my feet. I am good at being in denial. What I’m not good at is picking a pair of shoes.

I definitely want something open toed so my cute manicured toes can peep out for the summer. I want something with heels (not too high) and I would like the price to be reasonable. I really like the new Lela Rose line at Payless, specifically the Isidro Wedge… so cute and it looks fantastic on Kendi.

What do you all think? Any suggestions?

So anyway, I’m going to Atlanta tomorrow with hubby and friends to see Above & Beyond (again:)) and maybe I’ll have time to scope out some shoe stores. I’ll be there until Sunday so I probably won’t be able to blog again until next week.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and stays safe, dry, and cool!

<3, Nout


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