new discovery: sole society

Sole Society Accent
Sole Society Accent

Since I work in merchandising / marketing / ecommerce, I’ve had my eyes on all these members-only flash sale sites as ways to possibly market our products [totally different industry but anyway:)]. I won’t lie though, I’ve also looked at these sites because I love to shop. I also love being a merchandiser because I love to shop.

For several years, I’ve followed sites like Ideeli, Rue La La, Gilt, and Hautelook but feel as though recently the numbers of flash sale sites have bloomed. Recently I’ve been following ShoeFab (JustFab), ShoeDazzle, MYHABIT, and Jewelmint. I made my first order on Jewelmint the other day, and am awaiting my bauble (im)patiently. Last week I ordered 2 Suzi Chin dresses from MYHABIT, which is run by Amazon. I was very impressed with the shipping speed, free shipping, coupon, and price. I love Suzi Chin so I got what I expected re: the dresses; they’re gorgeous. More on my Jewelmint earrings when I receive them.

The difference between some flash sites (ie. MYHABIT, Gilt, Rue La La, etc) and member’s only fee sites is that some sites (ShoeFab, Jewelmint, ShoeDazzle, Sole Society) require you to make a purchase every month or skip your month within the first few days or risk having your credit card charged the membership fee (that you can usually credit toward a purchase). Basically the warning here is read the fine print carefully.

Fritz from ShoeDazzle
Fritz from ShoeDazzle

Today I discovered a site brand new to my eyes, Sole Society, which is run by Hautelook. This has to be my favorite members-only monthly fee site so far. Sole Society is a notch or two above ShoeFab and ShoeDazzle. They charge 49.95 per item as opposed to 39.95, but Sole Society’s shoes seem to be higher quality. Many of the Sole Society shoes are made of real leather and suede and look higher-end than their faux leather ShoeFab/ShoeDazzle counterparts.

I haven’t ordered from any of the flash sale shoe sites yet but I am LOVING the Sole Society Accent lipstick read peep toe mary jane pumps. SO SEXY! It wasn’t in “my  closet” but I found it through a handy dandy blogger who posted many of the Sole Society style links. I am also loving Fritz from ShoeDazzle, a beige and black peep toe t-strap heel. Both of these uber sexy shoes are totally up my alley.

What do you think, ladies?

Please click HERE to join Sole Society!

Please click HERE to join ShoeDazzle!

Please click HERE to join JewelMint!

I’d love to get some sign up credits:) Thank you!

<3, Nout


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