product review: jewelmint rachel earrings

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Jewelmint Rachel Earrings
Jewelmint Rachel Earrings

So the other day I blogged about discovering the jewelry member site Jewelmint and how I made an order with them recently. I had a hankering for the Rachel earrings because of their simplicity, the drop earring style, their ability to be worn daily, and also 50% of gross proceeds go to Rachel Bilson’s charity, Invisible Children.

Jewelmint jewelry box
Jewelmint jewelry box

Well yesterday I received my order and I wanted to tell y’all about it. There are a few things I noticed about my jewelry order  from Jewelmint:

My order arrived quickly. I placed the order with Jewelmint on Monday, it shipped from California the next day, and by that Friday I had received my package in North Carolina. The packaging the earrings came is extremely pleasing to the eye which isn’t a must-have but a slightly nice touch.

Jewelmint Rachel Earrings
Jewelmint Rachel Earrings

Unfortunately, the earrings were tarnished when they arrived but I was able to polish them to shine with a soft cloth. I was also expecting the 1″ long earrings to be slightly heaver than they turned out to be and the “amethyst” stone are lighter in color than the website portrays. At first I was unsure about the Rachel earrings but eventually they grew on me. I really like the “triba” look – I really don’t know how else to describe the textured rope on the posts. Even my husband likes them! 🙂

I am wearing the Rachel earrings right now and really enjoying them. They are very comfortable & light and the back clasp, which at first was going to be hard to use because it lacks a hinge, is actually easy to take off and on and will keep the earrings from slipping off and getting lost.

Jewelmint Rachel Earrings
Jewelmint Rachel Earrings

So I think I will definitely look at Jewelmint again for my jewelry needs, especially since I’m now a member. I also recommend looking for coupons/coupon codes before you purchase.I actually was able to get these earrings for $14.99 instead of 29.99.

Hope you liked my Jewelmint Rachel earrings review [unfortunately as of the time of this post, the Rachel earrings are sold out]! Let me know if you’ve ever ordered from Jewelmint and what you think about my new earrings!

Please click HERE to browse and/or join JewelMint! I’d love to get a credit!


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