justfabulous debbie lookalike

JustFabulous ShoeFab Debbie
JustFabulous ShoeFab Debbie

I don’t know what it is with me, I’m definitely on a shoe kick!

A lot of people noticed the JustFabulous Debbie t-strap platform shoes, enough so that it sold out fairly quickly.

Jayden T-Strap Peep Toe Sandal
Jayden T-Strap Peep Toe Sandal

I wasn’t really loving the Debbie platform (which BTW looks very similar to a Jeffrey Campbell t-strap shoe, read about its lookalike quality here) but I know some of my friends did, and I found some lookalikes, so I decided to share my finds with everyone.

Qupid Enrich 90 Peep Toe Wedge at UrbanOg
Qupid Enrich 90 Peep Toe Wedge at UrbanOg

I found two lookalikes for the sold out Debbie. The are both called Jayden; one I found at UrbanOg and the other at Make Me Chic.

The t-strap platforms are priced at $35.40 and $32.50, respectively, which is less than ShoeFab’s $39.95 but the retailers require a $50  purchase for free shipping. I noticed Blue, White, and Black color options, but the blue one only has one size left.

There aren’t that many sizes left of these ShoeFab lookalikes either, so jump on it ladies.

And actually, UrbanOg has some really cute shoes at very, very good prices–definitely budget friendly. One of my faves is the Qupid Enrich 90 Peep Toe wedge in blush (it’s also available in black and taupe patent leather). SO CUTE and very affordable. Love them! What do you think!?



7 thoughts on “justfabulous debbie lookalike

    1. Sorry that I am replying to another comment, but for some reason it won’t let me comment without replying (am I missing something? LOL). Anyway, thanks for linking me. 🙂 And those are great finds!!! I shared the UO ones on my FB page because I know lots of people wanted Debbie.

      Also, I’m following you now! :p I look forward to more posts.

      1. Hey Jules… I FINALLY figured out what the problem was… one of my left nav widgets was interfering with the reply box CSS… should be fixed now:)

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