review: miz mooz avalon wedge

Miz Mooz Avalon in Cognac
Miz Mooz Avalon in Cognac

I bought these Miz Mooz Avalon wedges from for a ridiculously good price and blogged about them in an earlier post. Today, they arrived via FedEx, a sweet ending to a stressful and long day at work.

Miz Mooz Avalon from Piperlime
Miz Mooz Avalon from Piperlime

I was worried about the comfort and fit factor (and of course the SEXY factor, harhar). With these platform shoes, I sized up to a 40 (size 10) while I usually wear a 9, 9W, or 9.5. as I have wide/fat feet. I am happy to announce that these super cute Miz Mooz shoes are very comfortable, stylish (and oh so reminiscent of the bohemian 70s), and they fit PERFECTLY!

Please pardon the weird, flaky skin. I am still suffering the after affects of a sunburn from 3 weeks ago. Yech!

A thanks is in order to my coworker Dian and my lovely mama for encouraging me to procure these beauties. I am definitely pleased.

I am also very happy today because not only did my Miz Mooz Avalon arrived, but I got my new iPhone 4 in the mail too! A resounding (and nerdy) thumbs up to being able to record short video clips. A video review clip is in order! I am of course, awkward and embarrassing but I hope this video review helps.

Does my voice sound like that in real life? Ugh, I hope not. Oh well, hopefully my video reviews will be better from here on out.

Let me know what you think! What’s the best way to wear platform shoes?


8 thoughts on “review: miz mooz avalon wedge

    1. Love the miz mooz avalon wedge
      Very very cute and looks comfy! One nice feature is the cork platform with stacked wood heel, nice combination. While I don’t usually go for thick ankle straps these look like they’d be both comfortable and supportive. How to rock the wedge ~ wear them with shorts, skirts or dresses, pants too but watch where the pant leg breaks on the shoe. 🙂

      1. I am wearing them right now at work with a dress, next time, I will try with cropped pants or a skirt =) thanks for the encouragement, Pam!

      1. They are 4 1/2″ high with a 1 3/4″platform. For being as high as they are, yes they are comfortable! I wear them all day at work and most of the evening at home and they don’t hurt. Now, I don’t walk around at work. I have a desk job and sit most of the day. I usually have a hard time finding comfortable high shoes and these I would consider comfortable. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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