review: JustFabulous Iron Fist Ingrid shoes

JustFabulous Ingrid
JustFabulous Ingrid

I recently broke down and made my first purchase from Just Fabulous (aka JustFab or ShoeFab). I opted for the Ingrid heels from the Iron Fist line. Even I was surprised at how much I liked the Ingrid as I am not usually into skulls, heavy metal, or punk rock-type fashion. But the lace print along with the ankle strap and bow spoke to me.

I’m glad I made the plunge and joined millions of JustFab customers. You would not believe how many complements I got when I wore Ingrid to work. Not exactly the most practical shoe here (the heel is about 4″ high and I usually wear 3″ heels or less). But I was tall (yay) and cute. The shoe outer is made of faux leather that’s printed to look like skull lace. Add a striped fabric bow and a small, pink scull charm and you’ve got a recipe for sexy.

JustFabulous Ingrid
JustFabulous Ingrid | Jacket from Forever21 | Tank from Victoria's Secret | David Kahn Crop Jeans

Half sizes not being available in the Iron First line, I opted to buy the size 10 since I thought his closed-toed beauty would require me to buy it in size 9.5. While shoe is slightly large, I am fairly certain a size 9 would have been too tight in the toe box for me (I do wear size 9 a lot but I have wide feet and do not enjoy having my toes smushed either so I would rather go slightly large than slightly small).

JustFabulous Ingrid and Laffy, Sandpaper Kisses Blog's mascot
JustFabulous Ingrid and Laffy, Sandpaper Kisses Blog's mascot

Over all, I love the Ingrid. It’s not the most practical work shoe and it’s made of faux materials but I was able to wear her all day to work with only minimal foot fatigue and maximum complements from co-workers. I felt really sexy wearing these high heels, and I liked it. I plan on buying a couple of foam inserts to fix the looseness issue and then me and Ingrid will skip happily into the sunset. Not bad for a shoe that I would normally shy away from and that costs under $40 (shipping was free!).

Interested in joining JustFabulous? Please CLICK HERE and sign up for an account (I get credits for inviting friends!!). Thank you!


4 thoughts on “review: JustFabulous Iron Fist Ingrid shoes

    1. Thanks Naj! Don’t you love them! You can totally rock the shoes and the jacket but I’d be surprised… I never did recall you wearing super duper high heels 😉

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