plum district + sole society deal

My friend Chee from Shoe Doctor, PhD just introduced me to Plum District, a coupon site a la Groupon but marketed toward mothers. Although I am not a mother nor expecting to be anytime soon, I went ahead and made my first purchase because…drum roll please… they were offering a Sole Society deal. A pair of awesome shoes for only $25 (a $49.95 value), so obviously I had to jump on it. HURRY if you’re interested. this deal expires midnight 8/16 [tonight]!

I had blogged a little while ago about wanting the Sole Society Accent – a patent leather lipstick red peep toe stunner. Then it sold out and I was bummed. But now it’s baaaack! and IT WILL BE MINE (at a discounted price thanks to Chee. (I am a bargain shopper after all. There is no sartorial debauchery here).

Sole Society Accent
Sole Society Accent

On a side not, The Shoe Doctor is AWESOME and you should totally check out her site. She is a serious shoe-a-holic and a great resource for shoes, deals, and Sole Society in particular. Check out her instruction on how to use the Plum District deal; you can totally tell she’s a scientist from her extreme thoroughness:0)

Please help me out and sign up for Plum District!

Please help me out and sign up for Sole Society shoe club!


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