enter sad title here

hey y’all,

I haven’t forgotten about blogging, I’ve just had a really rough few weeks. My beloved grandfather passed away last week and then this week my husband very unexpectedly lost his job. Plus hubby and I are low-carbing it and we’re just getting over carb flu now [it’s not bad at all, just makes you less able to deal with stress when you don’t feel well physically]. So, all in all, a sad few weeks for me. But I am happy that we’re finally losing weight and I’m thankful to still have the love of my life, a roof over my head, and my job, which I love. And my grandfather Joseph will live on in my memory and in those of my father, aunt, my brothers, and many other friends and relatives. RIP.

That being said, I’m going to have to change my shopping habits, reigning in my spending and being as frugal and prudent with money as I can [basically, a “shopping diet”]. I hope to still be blogging, just not shopping as much.

Thanks for listening!





6 thoughts on “enter sad title here

  1. I am so sorry to hear you are going through a hard time. I am glad though that you are being grateful for what you do have and that you and your hubby are supporting eachother!

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