ispy: sole society daria look alike

Another post about shoes? Hello, my name is Nout, and I’m a shoe-a-holic.

I recently started browsing JC Penney’s online shoe selection and came upon these cute red peep toe bow pumps…

Olsenboye Cupcake Pump
Olsenboye Cupcake Pump

If you’re a Sole Society fan, these Cupcake pumps should look familiar…

Sole Society Marco Santi Daria
Sole Society Marco Santi Daria

Uncanny resemblance. The Olsenboye Cupcake from JC Penney is $40 right now (if you like them, get on the email list, they’ll send you coupons!). $40 for this Sole Society look-alike which is normally $50? Not too bad!

What do you think of these sole sisters?


10 thoughts on “ispy: sole society daria look alike

  1. These are gorgeous..and they look exactly the same! I have not checked my sole society closet in months…some odd reason when I look the selection is never good! I may need to go back to see what is in Oct’s line-up!

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