review: betsey johnson maggi pump

Got my Betsey Johnson Maggi polka dot bow pump the other day from Amazon and wore them to work yesterday.

My extra special shoe ratings:

Style: LOVE IT! I am a huge fan of round toe pumps and bows on shoes. The heel is chunky and awesome. The suede has polka dots, which i love. Also, a little tiny bit of espadrille makes this a great spring/summer shoe (sorry I’m a little late to the game). 5/5.

Fit: I ordered the 9.5 even though I normally wear a 9. They are narrow and small. Not the best fit as my feet are wide but someone with narrower feet would most likely fit better. They are NOT comfortable unfortunately as the heel is very high without much of a platform. I wore them to work and had to shuffle around all day. 2/5.

Color: LOVE the light pink suede but it does get dirty quickly. I sprayed my Maggi with suede protector/water-proofer. 4/5.

Quality: I haven’t worn Maggi long enough to tell but so far so good. 5/5.

Price: normally these bow pumps are about $100. I would not pay that much for these pumps because they are not everyday shoes. I got them for a steal though. 3/5.

Overall: 3.8/5.  I love the Maggi pump but because of the comfort factor, I don’t see wearing her except for maybe 1-2 times per month. Um, also, the SOLES are freaking awesome! check out the bright pink and flowery pattern on the bottom sole. Awesome!

What do you think of my shoe-sies?

Betsey Johnson Maggi Pump
Betsey Johnson Maggi Pump
Betsey Johnson Maggi Pump
Betsey Johnson Maggi Pump
Betsey Johnson Maggi Pump
Betsey Johnson Maggi Pump

5 thoughts on “review: betsey johnson maggi pump

  1. Those are very cure. I love the style. I see how the sizing is not working the best for you. It is a bummer. The up-side is you make them look like a million bucks. ;). 😉

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