my first blog award

Found out the other day that my fellow blogger and shoe-a-holic Chee from the Shoe Doctor, PhD was awarded a Liebster Blog Award… and she passed the award along to 5 of her favorite little blogs, mine included!

This is my first blog award and I’m so happy and proud to feature it:) The Liebster Blog Award is given to blogs that have less than 200 followers (not sure if that means 200 followers on Google, Facebook, or???) as a means of getting connected to other bloggers and their followers! How exciting to be included in this!

I am sooo honored to receive this award from Chee and the rule is I have to pass it on to my  favorite little blogs.

1. Simply Chic for Cheap – I would describe Jeanette the hands-down thrifting queen. I peruse her blog for chic styling tips and inspirations that won’t break the bank. She’s the one that got me into thrifting outfits and not just home goods. Jeanette is also engaged to be married and I’m looking forward to her wedding photos. As a frugalista who spent $500 on my wedding, I can appreciate celebrating your Big Day on a budget. Thank you, Jeanette, for your sense of frugal style!

2. Heels for All – H.E. Lexus is the literal embodiment of the democratic “heels for all” motto. He’s the proud owner of over 200 pairs of high heels and has a fantastic fashion and style sense. I really enjoy reading H.E.’s posts as well as his comments on my blog posts. He also personally responds to all his blog comments, so thank you, H.E.!

3. Phoebe’s Fab Fix – Phoebe is a recent graduate and sunglasses and style maven. While working in PR, she’s also posting tutorials and style ideas and inspirations on her blog. This pretty lady has a super duper cute puppy on her header image and I believe she also has cats [I’m a cat lady, what can I say?].

4. Twirly Skirts – Molliee is a style guru for sure! She posts about all things fashion and always has super stylin’ photos of her wearing outfits, shoes, hairstyle ideas. Molliee was one of the first non-friend non-family member to comment on my blog back when it first started. Thank you Molliee!

5. Goofing Around By Myself – Holly describes her blog as “a broke 20-something’s quest for personal style. Searching for inspiration from within…my own closet.” She’s an inspiration for those of us who don’t have much to spend or those of us who [ahem] need help spending less and still having fun:)

Please check out these blogs:)

Last but not lease I wanted to thank all my readers for reading my little blog and also Chee from the Shoe Doctor, PhD for the Liebster award.

If you received this award…
*Post this on your wall.
*Chose five bloggers you want to give it to and let them know you have chosen them.
*Show thanks to the person who gave you the award by linking it back to them.

5 thoughts on “my first blog award

  1. I am with emotions that I cannot describe, to have been mentioned on your Blog at a time in which you are being honored. I am appreciative to be included as such and feel it in itself is honorable.

    All though the words do not express it enough, it will have to make do for the limits of print on a screen are as such.

    Thank you Nout for mentioning me here. Congratulations on receiving this award! May there be many more. 😉

    H.E. Lexus

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