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new fondness for nail polish & quick review

Update: the china glaze polish began to chip after only 2 days if wear. Looking at online reviews confirmed this. Too bad:-( I still love the color but will need to keep in min the constant need for touch ups if I wear it.

For some reason the last couple of weeks have found me more and more interested in nail polish. I usually always have my toes painted but never really painted my finger nails. Mainly because I’m lazy and constantly dealing with cracking, chipping, painting, repainting, etc. get annoying after a while. But…

I got a serious hankering for this bright neon purple colored nail polish which I had a really hard time finding. I ended up with Flying Dragon (neon) from China Glaze. It’s a really beautiful bright purple with blue and pink glitter flecks. What’s weird is that when this nail polish dried, it dried matte (see 2nd picture). I find this very unusual but just rolled with it by applying a layer of clear, shiny topcoat (see 1st picture below).

All in all, it’s a beautiful color. I can’t speak of China Glaze’s staying power or resistance to chips, but I’m liking it so far. I used the ULTA basecoat followed by 2 coats of the Flying Dragon, then 1 coat of the ULTA clear topcoat. In the pictures the color appears more pink but I think it’s actually more purple. Another note is that I found China Glaze to dry quite quickly.

If you like Flying Dragon (neon), you can pick it up at many retailers but I bought mine at Sally Beauty Supply for about $5.

China Glaze Flying Dragon (Neon) Nailpolish
China Glaze Flying Dragon (Neon) Nail Polish with ULTA top coat
China Glaze Flying Dragon (Neon) Nail Polish
China Glaze Flying Dragon (Neon) Nail Polish - Matte Finish

I’d also like to recommend ULTA brand polishes, I picked up 2 colors, 1 clear topcoat, and 1 basecoat during their buy 2 get 2 promotion and I’m pleased with the results. When applied nicely and in 2-3 even coats on top of a basecoat, the ULTA nail polishes lasted about a week on my finger nails. They also dried fairly quickly, but I did notice that they’re difficult to apply in thin layers because the polish seemed thicker than China Glaze.

My Nail Polish Collection
My Nail Polish Collection: pinks, red, purples, and top/base coats from ULTA, Sally Hensen, Maybelline, OPI, Lancome, Sally Beauty Supply, China Glaze

Tips to avoid bubbles in your nail polish:

•If you use a basecoat or topcoat, make sure it’s completely dry before you apply the next layer
•Don’t shake your nail polish bottles, roll them between your palms instead
•Don’t paint thick layers; thinner layers of polish are less likely to bubble
•Make sure each layer of polish is completely dry before applying the next one
•Use a small desk fan to help dry your polish; you can hold your fingers under the stream of air blowing

Any new nail polish colors you’re coveting this season? I think my next polish color might be grey…


black friday thrift shop loot

This black friday, the hubby, his mom, and I decided to forego our usual black friday trip to the mall or big box store and stick to thrift stores. Hubby finally got a job this week (YAY!) and we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary yesterday (on Thanksgiving, hehe), but we still didn’t want to go out and spend too much. Plus we really, really wanted to avoid the crowds. Why are people so crazy this time of year? Trampling someone over a crappy $5 coffee maker. Geez.

We visited a handful of local thrift stores in Durham including Pennies for Change, Goodwill, Rescued Treasures (Durham Rescue Mission store), Salvation Army thrift store, and a couple of home furnishing consignment stores (mostly just window shopping).

Black Friday Thrift Shop Loot
Black Friday Thrift Shop Loot

It took us most of the day but I scored BIG! I ended up with a beautiful milk glass bowl, 5 dresses, 2 earrings, and an electric carving knife, all for under $50. Plus shopping thrift stores makes me feel better because the money mostly stays in the community and often helps organizations take care of the less fortunate.

[My loot from top left: Faith ❤ Passion poly blend dress $4.56 (belt was not included); 2 images of my Laton (signed) star earrings $6; Hollycraft costume clip earrings w/pink rhinestones c. 1954 $12; New Directions orange print dress $4.56; Donna Morgan blue print v-neck dress $4.56; Lily wrap print dress $5; rabbit rabbit rabbit designs tunic dress $4.56; Laton star earrings (again).]

What goodies did you end up with this black friday? Any thrift shop finds?

review: shoedazzle lievey patent pump

I made my first Shoedazzle purchase not long ago (the red Ruthie mary jane pump) but it arrived all dinged up and scratched. Fortunately, Shoedazzle customer service contacted me right away to replace my defective shoe with a better one. Even though Ruthie was sold out, I picked out Lievey. Lievey is a gorgeous black or blush patent pump with a chunky heel and a stylized bow.

I wore Lievey all day at work today and even though they’re high heels, they were pretty comfortable. Here’s my review.

Style: Love it! I am a fan of patent leather, pumps, chunky heels and bows, and Lievey does not disappoint. 5/5.

Fit: I ordered the 9.5 even though I normally wear a 9. They run small, so I recommend sizing .5 size up. That being said, the 9.5 fits really well. 5/5.

Color: I love patent leather and even though I prefer red shoes, I do really like black patent leather. 5/5.

Quality: Unfortunately, Lievey arrived with several nicks in the patent leather that I had to fill in with a Sharpie marker. No huge deal but I’m not hopeful that I’ll have these shoes for years to come. The quality of the faux patent is questionable. 3/5.

Price: Shoedazzle shoes are only $39.95 each and since it was my first purchase, I received an extra 20% off that price. Overall, a pretty good deal. 5/5.

Overall: 4.6/5.  I really like the classy looking Lievey and she’s surprisingly comfortable. I will have to wait to wear her for a few months to determine if the quality is really lacking or if it’s not bad considering the price.

Shoedazzle Lievey in Black - Patent Bow Pump
Shoedazzle Lievey in Black - Patent Bow Pump

[outfit: shirt: thrifted, pencil skirt: talbot’s clearance]

What do you think of Lievey? Have you ever tried Shoedazzle?

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ispy: guess melesse heels

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, folks. I’ve been sick with one thing or another for the past 2 weeks. Finally doing better this weekend.

I wanted to share these gorgeous peep toes today. I just ran across the Guess Melesse heels and I am LOVING them.

I find the following features are uber attractive in a shoe:

  • t-strap
  • peep toe
  • two toned
  • patent leather
  • black and white
  • oxford styling
  • vintage-y
Guess Melesse has all of these features. I droooool. Too bad they’re in the $110 range right now but I shall wait patiently for my dear Melesse peep toes to go on sale:)
Guess Melesse Heels
Guess Melesse Heels courtesy of
I can totally see myself wearing these shoes with my cute red-painted toes peeping out 🙂 They’d be really versatile too. Great for the office with slacks or a pencil skirt, and also for wearing with nice jeans or a dress.
Like, dislike, meeeh?

november sole society pick

Sole Society’s November shoes are out and unlike last month, I don’t have a buzzilion shoes that I like {which is for the best. I don’t need too many distractions and temptations}. This month, only one shoe has caught my eye. And she is the Marco Santi Mina Mary Jane Platform. And what a beauty she is. Most Sole Society shoes are $49.95, as is Mina.

As you most likely already gathered, I am a shoe-a-holic that’s obsessed with red shoes and mary jane heels. These Mina heels both but also come in black and navy. They are made of fabric {with gold accents} and it appears that the mary jane strap can be moved back toward the heel of the shoe so you can wear them like platform pumps instead of just  mary janes.


Thoughts on these babies?

Sole Society Marco Santi Mina Mary Jane
Sole Society Marco Santi Mina Mary Jane

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