review: shoedazzle lievey patent pump

I made my first Shoedazzle purchase not long ago (the red Ruthie mary jane pump) but it arrived all dinged up and scratched. Fortunately, Shoedazzle customer service contacted me right away to replace my defective shoe with a better one. Even though Ruthie was sold out, I picked out Lievey. Lievey is a gorgeous black or blush patent pump with a chunky heel and a stylized bow.

I wore Lievey all day at work today and even though they’re high heels, they were pretty comfortable. Here’s my review.

Style: Love it! I am a fan of patent leather, pumps, chunky heels and bows, and Lievey does not disappoint. 5/5.

Fit: I ordered the 9.5 even though I normally wear a 9. They run small, so I recommend sizing .5 size up. That being said, the 9.5 fits really well. 5/5.

Color: I love patent leather and even though I prefer red shoes, I do really like black patent leather. 5/5.

Quality: Unfortunately, Lievey arrived with several nicks in the patent leather that I had to fill in with a Sharpie marker. No huge deal but I’m not hopeful that I’ll have these shoes for years to come. The quality of the faux patent is questionable. 3/5.

Price: Shoedazzle shoes are only $39.95 each and since it was my first purchase, I received an extra 20% off that price. Overall, a pretty good deal. 5/5.

Overall: 4.6/5.Β  I really like the classy looking Lievey and she’s surprisingly comfortable. I will have to wait to wear her for a few months to determine if the quality is really lacking or if it’s not bad considering the price.

Shoedazzle Lievey in Black - Patent Bow Pump
Shoedazzle Lievey in Black - Patent Bow Pump

[outfit: shirt: thrifted, pencil skirt: talbot’s clearance]

What do you think of Lievey? Have you ever tried Shoedazzle?

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