black friday thrift shop loot

This black friday, the hubby, his mom, and I decided to forego our usual black friday trip to the mall or big box store and stick to thrift stores. Hubby finally got a job this week (YAY!) and we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary yesterday (on Thanksgiving, hehe), but we still didn’t want to go out and spend too much. Plus we really, really wanted to avoid the crowds. Why are people so crazy this time of year? Trampling someone over a crappy $5 coffee maker. Geez.

We visited a handful of local thrift stores in Durham including Pennies for Change, Goodwill, Rescued Treasures (Durham Rescue Mission store), Salvation Army thrift store, and a couple of home furnishing consignment stores (mostly just window shopping).

Black Friday Thrift Shop Loot
Black Friday Thrift Shop Loot

It took us most of the day but I scored BIG! I ended up with a beautiful milk glass bowl, 5 dresses, 2 earrings, and an electric carving knife, all for under $50. Plus shopping thrift stores makes me feel better because the money mostly stays in the community and often helps organizations take care of the less fortunate.

[My loot from top left: Faith ❤ Passion poly blend dress $4.56 (belt was not included); 2 images of my Laton (signed) star earrings $6; Hollycraft costume clip earrings w/pink rhinestones c. 1954 $12; New Directions orange print dress $4.56; Donna Morgan blue print v-neck dress $4.56; Lily wrap print dress $5; rabbit rabbit rabbit designs tunic dress $4.56; Laton star earrings (again).]

What goodies did you end up with this black friday? Any thrift shop finds?


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