review: sole society marco santi mina

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And now to the review for the Sole Society Marco Santi Mina mary jane in deep red.

Sole Society Marco Santi Mina
Sole Society Marco Santi Mina

Style: I am a huge fan of mary jane shoes. I loved Mina from the moment I saw her. I also really liked that these pumps had a cool looking metallic heel. But the COOLEST thing about Mina is that you can wear it as a mary jane but you can also pivot the elastic strap all the way back to the heel and wear it as a classic pump. Love it!  5/5.

Fit: I ordered the 9 while I usually wear a 9 or 9.5. I find Mina to fit 1/4 size large. I’m able to wear Mina with a full insole and it fits perfectly. I also have wide feet. In terms of comfort, Mina is NOT comfortable. I cannot wear these heels at all without the padded insole. I sit at work all day, thankfully, otherwise I would not be able to wear these heels at all. The ball of my foot is usually sore even with the padding. 2/5.

Color: I really love the deep red color, which is like a burgundy color but a little lighter. And the bronze metallic accent is pretty awesome too. 5/5.

Quality: Unfortunately, literally the same day I wore Mina for the first time, I came hope and realized the heels were scratched, scuffed, and started to look worn. After only one day of wear (and I’m very careful with my shoes, I treat each and every shoe with respect), I was expecting a pair of Sole Society shoes to wear better and be made of better quality. After the 3-4th time, the heels are looking so bad (the metallic part) that I’m fairly certain I’ll have to take these shoes to my local shoe repair shop to cover the heels. The metallic part seems to be made out of a very thin, low quality material similar to aluminum foil. Sad but true. 1/5. [note:scuffs cannot be seen in any of my crappy pictures]

Price: Sole Society shoes are mostly $49.95 each, which is not a bad price. However, because Mina was such bad quality, I wouldn’t pay more than $25 for her to be honest. 3/5.

Overall: 3.2/5.  I love the versatility, color, and look of the Mina mary jane pump but  unfortunately the quality is extremely lacking. While I am a huge fan of Sole Society, unless you don’t plan on wearing Mina much, I’d look for another, better quality shoe at Sole Society.


4 thoughts on “review: sole society marco santi mina

  1. Besides the negative things you mentioned, they look nice in the picture. Tell, these are your feet and legs in the pictures? Because I think that is what is making them look so much better!!! 😉

    1. thank you so much Shoety Queen! I am a big fan of consistency in rating, so I devised this simple rating system for shoes to help other shoe-a-holics make informed buying decisions:)

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