happy new year! here’s to a kick-ass 2012!

I wanted to wish all my friends and fellow bloggers a happy new year!  New years are about new beginnings and every year I usually have a list of resolutions I’ll try to keep.

I liked the idea of maybe blogging/writing out my new year’s resolution. At least that way I won’t be tempted to break them! eek! And I can use you, my readers, to hold me responsible!

1. I resolve to not buy any more shoes, jewelry, clothes, etc. from now until November 2012. This is going to be really hard for me. I think I can only break this rule if I sell some of my current possessions and use that cash to buy new things. I am not allowed to spend any of my paycheck on new stuff though!

My Shoe Closet - see, I don't really need any more shoes!
My Shoe Closet - see, I don't really need any more shoes!

2. I resolve to wear all the shoes and clothes that I already have. Whatever doesn’t get worn in the next year gets donated.

3. I resolve to save lots of money (and reign in my spending) in a savings account where I can’t easily access it! This money is mainly for our travel fund since I will be going to Miami in March and possibly other trips in 2012.

4. I resolve to continue on my low carb diet and to continue weight loss!

5. I resolve to try and exercise and/or work out at least a wee bit!

6. I resolve to try and donate or volunteer more!

7. I resolve to cross more things off my bucket list, including traveling… SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! Life is too short and I think everyone should enjoy themselves when and if they can!

8. And last but not least… be a better friend, wife, daughter, sister… etc. I think if you’re not learning and growing in life, then you’re losing out on an opportunity. I love my family, friends, and hubby and I want to be the best person I can be!

Whew that was a lot, I really hope I can keep these resolutions… Wish me luck!

What about you? Any resolutions/wishes/etc. for the new year? I’d love for you to share them with me!




14 thoughts on “happy new year! here’s to a kick-ass 2012!

    1. That’s what I told my husband but he’s unconvinced, haha! Thanks, H.E., I’m hoping to post about all my shoes… kind of like the Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge. Can’t wait to see any new shoes you’re gathering for your collection!

  1. happy new year nout!! thanks so much for your friendship ~ now this is a great set of resolutions!! i think that you can do it 😉 😉 p.s. GREAT shoe closet!! {looks similar to mine haha!!}
    xoxo, kristina

  2. As usual, I’m behind and catching up on my blog reading. Which explains why I didn’t see the pictures of your shoe shelf.. and obviously, this post. What a coincidence that I asked everyone how they store their shoes just a few days after you posted this. Great minds think alike! 😉

    I hope you had a great NYE. 2012 is our year – every single one of us. I have a good feeling about this one.. and I never feel that way!

    Your resolutions are all great. You can do it!

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