new discovery: heel condoms…wtf?

No, they’re not protective rubber covers for your shoes.

A really strange name for an ingenious and attractive product. A heel condom is a fabric contraption you wear on your heels for adornment or wrap them around your shoe and your ankle to help keep your heels in place.

As I was walking around my office today in my new Aldo pumps, I remarked on how comfortable the shoes were but how annoyed I found it that my foot was constantly slipping out and that the effort that it took to keep my food firmly in my pumps rendered wearing them uncomfortable.

Then I ran into the heel condoms on facebook and a light bulb went off! I need one (or a couple) of these to help keep my pumps on my foot AND to add a little pizzazz to my shoes. For under $25, you can dress up a boring pair of shoes.

Here are some of my favorites:

Heel Condom Panty Style
Heel Condom Panty Style
Heel Condoms
Heel Condoms
Heel Condoms
Heel Condoms
Heel Condoms - Flower
Heel Condoms - Flower

What do you think of the heel condoms? Simply Fab or Simply a Fad?

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4 thoughts on “new discovery: heel condoms…wtf?

  1. They are definitely not for me. The blue ones aren’t SO bad because they blend in with the shoe and actually look like they could belong to it.

    When I saw the title of your post I thought you were referring to the protectors you put over the heel of the shoe to save them from damage when driving/walking. Now those I need!

    Shoes and Jules

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