shoedazzle review: akasha patent & glitter pumps

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I am starting to really like Shoedazzle, which is not good for a shoe addict like me. Their shoes are a good price and very cute; however, the quality isn’t always good but their customer service is fantastic.

During their 50% off sale, I snagged Akasha, which is now sold out :-(. BUT they have so many other cute options and I believe their sale is still going on for a few more days…

Shoedazzle Akasha Pump
Shoedazzle Akasha Pump

Style: Once again, I LOVE mary janes. NO surprise there. Akasha caught my eye with her unusual lower strap and her shiny black patent faux leather coupled with the gold glitter accents. 5/5

Fit: Because of reviews and the fact that I have wide feet, I sized up to 9.5 and I’m glad I did. Akasha is a narrow shoe, so I don’t think I would have been able to fit into a 9. The 9.5 has some room in the heel area but I’m OK with that. The Strap keeps my feet firmly planted in the pumps, which I REALLY LIKE. Regarding the comfort factor: These aren’t the most comfortable heels mainly because of the 4.25″ heel but I can wear them all day at my office job with no complaints. 3.5/5

Color: As you probably already know I love patent leather in all colors. I am usually not a huge fan of black shoes in general but I really like the gold and black combination on Akasha. 5/5.

Quality: I would say for the price [39.95 usually but Shoedazzle was offering 50% off certain items], the quality is more than good. The glitter doesn’t seem to be falling off and getting on everything, which is nice. The sole has some areas that were discolored, but you can’t really see them. I don’t know how long these will last but I’ve already worn these heels 4-5 times and they seem to be holding up pretty well. 4/5.

Price: less than $20, I find the price to be fantastic! 5/5.

Overall: Akasha is a great party shoe and Shoedazzle has impressed me with their great customer service – 4.5/5.

Now for some funny pictures:

Shoedazzle Akasha
Shoedazzle Akasha
Shoedazzle Akasha
Shoedazzle Akasha
Shoedazzle Akasha
Shoedazzle Akasha
Shoedazzle Akasha
Shoedazzle AkashaShoedazzle AkashaShoedazzle Akasha Pump
Shoedazzle Akasha
Shoedazzle Akasha

[shoes: Shoedazzle Akasha, dress: Macy’s clearance rack]

What do you think of Shoedazzle and/or Akasha?

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16 thoughts on “shoedazzle review: akasha patent & glitter pumps

  1. I really hate shoe dazzle. They claim their shoes and styles are exclusive to shoe dazzle and are designed by their own stylist. However when I purchased a pair of shoes and a dress, there was a label regarding a different brand! When I called shoe dazzle for an explanation, they apologized for not being clear about the designs.but wait for it. . .the woman over the phone actualy asked me not to mention the incident to other members! They were so concerned about me telling

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