review: justfabulous makeeda

So my latest JustFab purchased happened when I forgot to ‘skip the month’ in December and wound up with a credit. Shoe clubs such as JustFab are great, you just have to be sure and ‘skip’ if you don’t want to make a monthly purchase.

Oh well, that’s no one’s fault but my own and the good news is I wound up with a great pair of edgy high heels, Makeeda. Plus these beauties are a Christian Louboutin Clou Noeud look-alike at a much better price- only $39.95. I would normally not even give shoes with studs a second glance (normally not my thing) but I saw a blog post about them that my friend Chee at the Shoe Doctor, PhD wrote. I really liked the way Makeeda looked on her. Plus the fact that I LOVE red heels, peep toes, and bows helped too ;-P

here’s my in depth review:

Style: I really love the peep toe, the red faux leather and the studs. But the whole style is elevated a couple of levels (for me) because of the cool modern bow. I love the bow. And the fact that it’s a slingback pump helps too. 5/5.

Fit: I have wide feet and I usually wear a size 9. I ordered the 9 and it fits pretty well. You can tell that I have wide feet in the pictures but oh well, that’s expected with wide feet. There are is some very minor rubbing of my second to smallest toe but it’s not bad enough to blister. I wore them all day at work and they were pretty  comfortable! I do sit at a desk all day but the little walking around I did, I didn’t want to take them off for relief. 4/5.

Color: Love the red:-) 5/5.

Quality: I would say for the price [39.95], the quality is not bad. Makeeda is made of faux leather. The insoles are peeling a little but but nothing that a little glue can’t fix. Not sure about the quality right now because I’ve only worn her a few times but I think if you take care of these heels, they could last. 3.5/5.

Price: not bad at under $40. 5/5.

Overall: I got so many complements wearing these today! They are cute and fairly comfortable – 4.5/5.


JustFab Makeeda
JustFab Makeeda
JustFab Makeeda
JustFab Makeeda
JustFab Makeeda
JustFab Makeeda
JustFab Makeeda
JustFab Makeeda

What do you think of Makeeda?

If you’re looking to joing JustFabulous, please use my link… I’ll love you forever! You get 20% off your first order. Most shoes, bags, and jewelry are only $39.95 each and there’s free shipping and free exchanges.


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