what’s new at payless: spring 2012 edition

I’m trying to distract myself from the Duke/Carolina basketball game by blogging about some new and gorgeous shoes at Payless.

Here are my favorites so far are in the gallery below:

My number one favorite has to be the Christian Siriano for Payless Anna Wedge Bootie. It’s not usually my “style” but I just can’t enough of its modern lines and cool texture. And at under $70, not a bad price (and that’s with no coupons)!

Most of the shoes in the gallery can be found here.  Images courtesy of Payless.com.

What do you think of Payless’ spring new arrivals? Anything you’d consider purchasing?

Don’t forget, Payless often has prom codes/coupons as well as their infamous BOGO 50% sale. Get on their email list for codes and latest arrivals.


8 thoughts on “what’s new at payless: spring 2012 edition

  1. Are these all their new designer styles? I love the fresh colors and (mostly) not-too-high heel heights. At these prices, I might just get em all!

    1. hi Holly! most of them are the designer styles. The only one that isn’t is the very bottom sandal on the right column, I think that’s just part of their “regular” lines.

  2. I really want the orange Lela Rose Mapleton wedges and I know it’s August but do you have the lot#? This is the only way Payless can search for them. Thanks.

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