manic monday shoe find

Happy Monday [or maybe not]. Personally, I am not a huge fan of Mondays.

To cheer myself up, I’ve found a great wedge to show you, the Born Mina wedge. If you’ve ever worn Born shoes, you know how amazingly COMFORTABLE they are! I own several pairs of Born shoes and they are seriously some of the most comfortable heels/wedges/shoes I’ve ever worn!

Born Mina is a summery open toe, slingback, mary-jane style wedge with white and turquoise patent leather. You could wear her with a maxi dress, skinny jeans or colored jeans, capris, or a mid length skirt. So versatile for summer!

I just love her! But at $115, Mina is a little expensive for my taste. I can’t wait until she goes on sale!

Born Mina Wedge
Born Mina Wedge


Born Mina
Born Mina

What do you think of Mina? Do you think she’s worth the $115 price tag?


6 thoughts on “manic monday shoe find

  1. Hey Nout, I really enjoy your new older article lay out, good choice/design there. Much easier to read!

    As for the shoes, maybe if they were green instead of blue! 😛

  2. hi nout! a great wedge always does the trick doesn’t it? loving these too, don’t know if i’d pay the price though, maybe wait a little bit, but loving them nonetheless!! 😉 😉

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