manic monday shoe find!

Today’s shoe find is courtesy of Shoedazzle shoe club. Peach is a beautiful and summery espadrille wedge sandal with a t-strap, canvas upper, and peep toe. She’s available in a coral color called salmon as well as navy.

I’d love to get Peach to wear with maxi dresses for the summer. I have several maxi dresses that are a tad long and I’ve been looking for a feminine yet comfortable wedge to wear with them.

At $39.95, Peach is a steal and a perfect summer sandal! If you’re not already a member, please click on the image below to join. Shoedazzle no longer has membership fees so no need to fret!

Shoedazzle Peach Wedge
Shoedazzle Peach Wedge; image courtesy of

What do you think of this wedge? Is she a sweet peach or a dud?



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