nail polish weekend

This weekend has definitely been about nail polish. I’ve always liked nail polish but my lovely mom has rekindled my love for nail polish with her recent polish fascination.

We went to Nordstrom because my mom wanted to check out the butter london polish selection so she could pick out a new color [I will have to show you these later, they’re pretty awesome]. We tried several butter colors as well as several Deborah Lippmann colors. I had heard about Deborah Lippmann nail polish from reading nail polish blogs, but until I tried the colors, I had no idea how awesome they were! Here is a [bad] picture of a few cool new colors and my cat in the background;-)

trying on nail polish

[From L to R – butter london rosie lee, deborah lippmann ray of light, deborah lippmann mermaid’s dream]

I also learned a GREAT way to remove glitter nail polish that I read while browsing the interwebs. We all know how hard glitter polish it to remove and this handy tip makes it easy to remove and much more likely that you’ll wear glitter polish.

How to easily remove glitter nail polish:

  • Soak a cotton ball with your nail polish remover (not dripping, just enough to wet the ball)
  • Place cotton ball on nail with glitter nail polish
  • wrap a small piece of foil around the nail and cottonball; make sure the foil is wrapped tightly around your finger, but not too tight
  • leave for about 5 minutes
  • when you ‘unwrap’ the foil, the glitter polish will either be gone or all you have to do is swipe it a couple of times with the cottonball soaked with polish remover  and the glitter will be gone!
  • note: I did one nail at a time so I wouldn’t have to use too much foil but you could do more than one finger at once.
foil glitter nail polish removal method
foil glitter nail polish removal method

Lastly, after I removed all the “tester” colors, I decided to try a manicure that I have been seeing around the blogosphere… check it out.

I really liked the look of a one color manicure except for the ring fingers, which have a different color or glitter nail polish. I’ve really LOVED my Ulta nail polishes so I decided to go with Ulta with a little bit of China Glaze glitter.

What I used:

  • Ulta basecoat (1 coat)
  • Ulta “Heir head” glossy Barbie pink polish (2 coats)
  • Ulta topcoat (1 coat)
  • The glitter finger features China Glaze Blonde Bombshell gold glitter polish (1 coat)

Tell me about your latest polish experiments! Any new brands or colors or styles you’ve tried? What do you think of this nail polish trend?


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