Lazy sunday

Quick note: Melinda Maria Jewelry is having a sale – up to 65% off select items. This is kind of a big deal because unfortunately, MM has not been having regular sales and coupons like she used to (sadly the Moon + Star necklace is not on sale but a lot of other cool stuff is. Check it out here).


Today is supposed to be day 7 of midsummer madness (dressember) but it was another scorching day and I spent the entire day being lazy, doing a couple of small chores, and painting my nails. So, there was no dress today, just lounge clothes.

I decided to try out a festive and fun summer manicure that I saw on a fellow bloggger’s nails that would also make use of my new Ulta finger nail polish colors.

here are some silly instagram photos I took:20120701-183220.jpg




What I’m wearing (Ulta polishes are reg. $6 ea but I got them during buy one get one free promo):

  • Ulta basecoat x 1 coat
  • Ulta Snow White x 1 coat on right hand and 2 coats on left hand (what can I say, I got tired of waiting)
  • Ulta Pinata-Yada-Yada multi-colored chunky glitter polish x 2 coats
  • Ulta topcoat x 1 coat

What I think so far:

I love the Ulta basecoat and topcoats. I think for the price, you can’t really beat them. Plus the topcoat dries really quickly, which is awesome. The white nail polish (Snow White) gives you good coverage but it’s slightly thick which makes it slow to dry and harder to brush on the nail. So far I really love the Pinata-Yada-Yada glitter polish. It’s easy to brush on and dries quickly plus it has larger glitter pieces and smaller ones. That being said, only time will tell how long these new polishes last:)

Hope everyone had a great weekend:)


Sale alert: Ulta polishes are all on sale for $2 each!! check ’em out here.


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