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Head over to Mod Cloth for a sweet surprise…


GO to the Mod Cloth Facebook page NOW “like” them, then find their “Why Not” comment and click on that link! TRUST me, you don’t want to miss this offer! It’s so SO rare for ModCloth to have a coupon code or offer/discount like this.

And if you’re new to Modcloth, PLEASE use my link to shop at!

Mod Cloth – Coach Tour Striped Dress!



Fall Heels… Spectator Style

If you know me, you know I love Spectator Heels. They go by so many different names: Spectator, Brogue, Wingtip, Oxford, Menswear-inspired, Perforated, and so on. Whatever their name is, this style of shoe is absolutely my favorite. Spectator pumps are usually oozing a classic, vintage vintage vibe. Pair with any of your more modern wardrobe pieces for a well put-together ensemble. As the weather transitions from spring to fall, I’m having to move away from the wedges and sandals in my closet and toward the dark colored pumps and heels.

What do you think about this selection of Spectator Pumps?