Freebra Review + MORE Convertible Dresses!

Have you ever seen those weird, chicken breast-looking backless bras and wondered what they were all about? Do they really work? Will they stay put even if I’m sweating? Will they fit me? Well, I was lucky enough to have had a chance to try the Freebra backless and strapless bra, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

Freebra Backless Strapless Bra
Freebra Backless Strapless Bra

The wonderful folks at Henkaa sent me a Freebra to try and it could not have come at a more perfect time. I was preparing to be the maid of honor at my sis-in-law Loraine’s wedding and I needed a bra that provided some support but was backless and strapless so I could move freely in my Henkaa dress and also so that I could style it however I wanted.

I tried the Freebra with my Henkaa Sakura short convertible dress at home first, reading the directions carefully, so that there wouldn’t be any surprises at the wedding. I really liked the shape and coverage that the Freebra gave my bust. It was very comfortable. But I realized too soon that it was not easy to put on. No matter how hard I tried, the cups were either too low or crooked/uneven and because the cups adhered to your skin with a very strong adhesive, it’s very hard to just peel off and reapply. But nonetheless, I really liked what I saw initially.

Then soon enough it was wedding time, and Wesley (my hubby) and I, along with his mom and other family and friends were in charge of catering the wedding. This left us without a lot of time, with A LOT of sweat, and with a lot of stress. I had to get dressed in my bridesmaid attire and put on my Freebra while getting the food ready, helping the bride get ready, and moving trays of food around. I DID NOT expect the Freebra to last all day on my skin. It was the end of May in North Carolina and it was HOT HOT HOT and HUMID! But even though I was in a rush and the Freebra itself was not applied completely evenly by me, and even though I sweated profusely, the Freebra lasted all day at the wedding and worked REALLY well. I could not have been more surprised honestly.

Henkaa Sakura Convertible Short Dress + Bandeau in Kelly Green (discontinued)
Henkaa Sakura Convertible Short Dress + Bandeau in Kelly Green (Right). My Sis-in-law wore a reversible green/white convertible dress made by a company that is no longer in business.
Henkaa Sakura Convertible Short Dress + Bandeau in Kelly Green (discontinued)
Henkaa Sakura Convertible Short Dress + Bandeau in Kelly Green (discontinued color)

After the wedding, hubby, his best friend, and I went out to a nice dinner and I decided to use that occasion to wear the Freebra again. It did not disappoint.

Von Vonni Ravon Transformer Dress Long
Von Vonni Ravon Transformer Dress Long
Von Vonni Ravon Transformer Dress Long - Green Leaf Print
Von Vonni Ravon Transformer Dress Long – Green Leaf Print

The Bottom Line:

A) convertible dresses are awesome. I have MANY of them and I love them. They’re so versatile, elegant, and flattering.

B) the Freebra is surprisingly good, if you’re the right size. My bra size is 34DD/DDD and honestly if you’re any bigger than that, this type of backless/strapless bra might not work for you. It does not really provide any lift for me, just a nice shape and great coverage. But it does adhere well to the skin and stay on (as long as you follow the directions). And as long as you don’t expect miracles re: the LIFT factor, you won’t be disappointed. Just remember that this bra takes a while to get exactly right so make sure you give yourself ample time to prepare. Really relax and take your time putting it on so you won’t get 2 very uneven cups. I really like the Freebra and I’m looking forward to using it again for 2 weddings that I will be attending in December.

Do you have any questions about Henkaa, convertible dresses, or the Freebra? Don’t hesitate to ask!


13 thoughts on “Freebra Review + MORE Convertible Dresses!

  1. Thanks for your review! I normally wear a 32DD, so I’m quite small around the waist, but my cup size is deceiving. I’m hesitant between a C and a D – what would you suggest?

  2. I am interested in convertible dresses. Not sure where to get the best dress at the best price. I like the Henkaa and the leaf print Transformer in the the pictures. Any suggestions? Also a dilemma, I was a size 12, and quit smoking. Now a size 14, and working to lose the weight. With Henkaa do I order the plus, or the O/S that fits up to 12?

    1. Cheryl, check out ebay for Henkaa and Ideeli for Von Vonni. As for the size, I find Henkaa dresses to have a stretchier fabric so I think you could fit into a one size (although I know your size, I do not know your body compositions, so please don’t take my word for it). Von Vonni will most likely not fit, unfortunately. I really like both but I prefer the smoother, shinier Henkaa fabric. Congrats on quitting smoking, btw!

      1. Thanks so much. Will watch e-bay, or if I miss anything hoping someone can help me find one to try out at a good price! Great blog, and all the best. cheryl

  3. Would you say you felt the freebra provided decent support, like comparable to a regular strapless bra? I’m also the maid of honor at my friend’s wedding this fall, and we are all wearing Henkaa dresses, so I was thinking of picking up a freebra if I heard good things about it, and from your review it sounds pretty promising!

    1. I would say NOT comparable to a regular strapless bra, mainly because the cups are soft and not structured, like most strapless bra cups are. That being said, I am quite busty so the girls are not perky on their own. If you are busty, don’t expect too much lift but if you aren’t terribly busty or have naturally perky boobs, the freebra works great. I still really love the freebra and with the addition of the convertible dress straps tied tightly, I don’t feel like my bust is sagging or anything. Hope this helps!

      1. That DOES really help, actually. I believe we are about the same size, so I think I can expect my experience to be quite similar to yours, which means I will probably invest in one of these! Thanks for all your help!

        Oh, I almost forgot to ask…which cup size did you get?

  4. I am the maid of honour in my sister’s wedding this fall and she picked the Henkaa dresses for the bridesmaid dresses which I love, and I am so glad to find a real person’s review, not just the bra websites talking up their product. I don’t do strapless much so I don’t know much about strapless or backless bras so your review is comforting and is definitely helping me make up my mind!

    1. I am so glad to hear that! That’s why I do these reviews – so that people like you can get a good idea of how they work on a curvy lady. Hope your sister’s wedding is a blast!

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