silver liquid metal bracelets

Imagine my surprise when my old post about a jewelry wishlist, which featured a liquid metal mesh cuff/bracelet from etsy, became one of the top viewed posts on my blog. The link to buy that metal mesh bracelet eventually broke, I’m guessing because for one reason or another, the etsy store closed (maybe because of copyright infringement?).

I really wanted to find that cool liquid metal looking bracelet again. I have loved the design for years (even before Skyler White wore the bracelet on Breaking Bad) and even though I found them pricey (I don’t think they’re sterling silver so I don’t think I could even wear them because of my sensitive skin), I still didn’t want to lose the ability to look at them longingly. So, I did some Googling.

Flinging Arrows Liquid Metal Bracelet - $99
Flinging Arrows Liquid Metal Bracelet – $99

I had no idea until recently that this type of liquid metal jewelry was actually created by artist Sergio Gutierrez (I am not sure if he was the inventor of the style or what, but his name seems synonymous with the liquid metal cuff styles). He makes all kinds of bracelets, cuffs, earrings, necklaces, and more jewelry. Some of the liquid metal bracelets even have crystal adornments.

Alexandria Liquid Metal Bracelet
Alexandria Liquid Metal Bracelet – $149

And for those of you who discovered the liquid metal silver cuffs by watching Breaking Bad and noticing them on Skyler’s wrists, look no further. The Sergio Gutierrez website explains that among other pieces, she does wear 2 Diamond Stream bracelets on one wrist.

Diamond Stream Liquid Metal Bracelet - $99
Diamond Stream Liquid Metal Bracelet – $99

These gorgeous cuffs remain on my jewelry wishlist! Maybe one day…


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