Dressember – a month of dresses

So here’s my Dressember post (finally, lol)! Basically the idea behind Dressesmber is that you wear a dress every day for the entire month of December and raise money and awareness for charity. And happy New Year, by the way!

I have been wanting to participate (I did participate in this year’s midsummber madness dressember) for several years and I finally took the plunge. well, sort of. I did the Dressember thing but I kinda cheated. Wait, hold on, let me explain. 1. I don’t have enough winter style dresses to last me 31 days, so I didn’t wear a dress ever day. 2. There were days where I wasn’t feeling well enough to get out of sweatpants and a T-shirt or where I was traveling and couldn’t wear a dress for an extended car ride. 3. There were days where I just felt like wearing pants. 🙂

Ok, so here goes. Snapshots of my Dressesmber dresses.

What do y’all think? I hope you like my dresses and I hope you’ve had a great 2013 so far!


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