dress for less: lookalike booties

I have been watching these awesome Francoise Shoemint buckled booties but of course I just don’t have it in my budget to get another pair of shoes. While looking I also found a more affordable version.

check it out…

Forever21 Buckled Ankle Boots
Forever21 Buckled Ankle Boots – $40 – faux leather, also available in black
ShoeMint Francoise Boots
ShoeMint Francoise Boots – $80 – real leather, also available in black

See the similarity? The Forever21 version is half the price of the Shoemint version but it’s also worth noting that 1. the F21 version is faux leather while the SM version is real leather, 2. you can take 20% off your first ShoeMint purchase with coupon code 20LUVUS, 3. Shoemint has sold out of quite a few sizes, 4. Forever21 doesn’t have a lot of size variety either.

Hope you like this “dress for less” option:)


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