thrifty outfits + more bubble necklace!

Again, please excuse the janky iphone-in-bathroom-mirror photos. I just wanted to share some cute, thrifted outfits from this week.

The blue pattern faux-wrap dress was another Donna Morgan dress that I found at Goodwill with the tags still attached! Naturally I am excited when this happens. I paired the blue dress with the thrifted blue patent pumps for a great work ensemble.

The other dress, which shares a striking resemblance to ancient Egyptian collar necklaces, I also thrifted for under $5. I paired that dress with my tried and true patterned tights and my new JustFab Jezebel high heels. This black and mustard dress has a jersey top but a linen skirt, so it wrinkles very easily, as you can tell from the picture. Not the most flattering style on me, arm-wise, but I really liked the style and the price, so I went for it. I will definitely wear it with a blazer next time.

A note about the Jezebel: I plan to do a more in-depth review but I am not terribly pleased with how high the heels are. The website definitely underestimated the heel height and overestimated the platform. The quality is also not the best. The fuzz, velour-like material has started to rub off in some places after only 2 wears.

And lastly, I wanted to share my other bubble necklace. My boss was very VERY sweet and bought me this faceted turquoise bubble necklace for my birthday from ebay. I wore all black that day to make the necklace stand out – as you can see from my silly picture.

Happy Friday, by the way! And I hope you all have a great weekend!


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