help me decide! keep or sell?

I remember when I saw this Kate Spade Fleur dress online for the first time, I was smitten. And I blogged about it, never thinking that I could ever own the dress.

Then I saw it at TJ Maxx months later. My heart jumped. It wasn’t going to cost me the $445 regular price but it was STILL very expensive for my budget. And there was only 1 dress left, in size 8. Even though I was doing really well with my low-carb lifestyle and losing weight, I still wasn’t a size 8. I bought it, grinning from ear to ear. The Kate Spade green leaf print Fleur dress was finally all mine. I’d lose the weight and get to wear it soon, I told myself.

Fast forward a year later. I still have it in my closet and although it’s gotten very close to fitting, IT STILL DOESN’T FIT ME. I love this dress. It is everything I love in a dress. It’s very retro, vintage-inspired, and the leaf print, and the cut, and the skirt, and it has pockets…I swoon over it. But I have to face reality: I can’t wear it and I could really use the money for my upcoming vacation to Miami.

What do I do?

<<Now it’s YOUR turn to help me decide what to do, KEEP IT or TRY TO SELL IT?>>

See, I can’t zip up the zipper all the way.

IMG_1404 IMG_1393

**sorry again for the janky photos, I had to take them using my camera’s timer and they turned out quite dark and shady.

Thanks for your help!


12 thoughts on “help me decide! keep or sell?

  1. That’s a super cute dress, but I say sell it–in my own experience, keeping a too-small dress has never had a positive influence on me, and a trip to Miami sounds way more fun!

  2. Will you feel happy when you fit into it? I personally think you should sell it. It’s a lovely dress, but not one you can wear all the time and not one you can exactly take from season to season. And TJ Maxx always have lovely things. If it was an awesome thrift find I’d say wait (no pun) and see, but I’m sure another Kate Spade outfit will come through!

    1. You make some very good points, Jocellyn. I know it’s not an everyday dress. And it needs to be dry-cleaned. And I think that yes, I will be happy when I fit into it. I have lost quite a bit of weight in the last 1.5 yrs but still have some more to go and have used this dress as my “goal dress.” BUT I also don’t want to keep a dress for several years and by the time I fit into it, it’s no longer something I love. Still torn…

  3. You look great in it from the front, but the zipper is the issue, no?

    1. Could a tailor do a creative alteration?

    2. Do you think you might drop another size. Looking at the zipper, to be small enough across your back is likely going to take one size. If you look at your weight trends, do you think you’ll lose another 10lb? If your weight has been stable and you’re happy and healthy, then I’d sell it. It’ll just be irritating otherwise to have it around and never wear it. If you’re on a downward trend and could realistically drop a size in 6 months (say) I would keep it, because it is really cute.

    1. 1. I think that the tailoring would just cost too much. Plus I’m not sure I trust my tailor with a nice dress unfortunately. 2. I do think my weight / body shape is trending down. I have been on a low carb diet for the past 1.5 years and it has completely changed my body shape. My waist has lost something like 8″ and my entire body has lost weight and gotten ‘tighter’. I still have a lot of work to do but I’m not down with my journey yet and I refuse to give up. So realistically I can see fitting into the dress but it might take me another year.

      I do love it and I’m still torn…

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