recently thrifted…

I want to start a weekly or biweekly post called ‘recently thrifted’ … does that seem like something y’all would like?

Here are my newest thrifted items, incorporated into outfits that I wore to work.

Outfit #1: Mostly old stuff (not thrifted):


[Old Lands End Canvas gingham button-down shirt || Old The Limited sweater || Old David Kahn Jeans – gifted || Lands End black ballet flats – thrifted $5 || Bubble Necklace from ebay $15]

Outfit 2: I picked up this awesome blouse at the Goodwill and I just couldn’t wait to pair it with my favorite brand of jeans.


[Peter Nygard multi-color blouse – thrifted $3.59 || David Kahn skinny jeans on sale at Ideeli || Kelsi Dagger Rhoda heels – gently used from Poshmark]


[Close-up of Kelsi Dagger Rhoda in black suede and old but cool geometric pattern socks]

Outfit 3: I’m a big fan of purple and cowl neck. I paired the two and matched the pink in the cardi with the pinkish/purple heels for a unified look. Also added the belt to accentuate my waist! YAY, I have one!


[Jonathan Martin purple cowl neck sleeveless dress – thrifted $4.59 || the Loft fuchsia stripe cardigan – thrifted $4.59 || Old The Limited elastic belt || AK Anne Klein purple suede peep-toe pumps – thrifted $8 || old grey tights – hand me downs from mom]


[Close-up of AK Anne Klein purple suede and gold peep-toe pumps] …they’re a little big but I love them! Had to have them!


I hope you all like my latest thrift finds and again I apologize for the super janky iphone in mirror pix.


6 thoughts on “recently thrifted…

  1. Those shoes in the last picture are so amazingly awesome! Also I’m queen of finding heels that are always one size to big for me, but I’ve learned that with heels that usually doesn’t matter. Way to make it work!

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