payless pumps

It’s snowing again today. Just a little bit but it’s a big deal here in central NC…

Time to look at more shoes…

Payless has some cute new shoes that I wanted to share with you. As you may know, I’m a fan of the payless designer collection. They seem to put out some really unique and fairly-priced shoes. Well, there are new shoes out for the Spring 2013 collection. Also, I really liked this banner that Payless is featuring. It makes the shoes really stand out.

christian siriano for payless

These are awesome and fun but slightly impractical. I haven’t seen shimmery iridescence since the late 90s but I like it.

Christian Siriano Women's Cynthia Sling || || Champagne iridescent also available in a taupe print
Christian Siriano Women’s Cynthia Sling || || Champagne iridescent also available in a taupe print
Fioni Women's Kipsie Stitch Peep Toe Heel $30 || || Pink Patent also available in black
Fioni Women’s Kipsie Stitch Peep Toe Heel $30 || || Pink Patent also available in black
Christian Siriano Women's Margo Oxford $45 || || Metallic Pink
Christian Siriano Women’s Margo Oxford $45 || || Metallic Pink

These are just a pair of basic nude/beige patent pumps but I liked that they had a little bit of a retro flair with the rounded toe, that they had really good reviews online and also the price isn’t bad either.

Comfort Plus by Predictions Women's Karmen Pump $20 || || Nude/Tan/Beige Patent
Comfort Plus by Predictions Women’s Karmen Pump $20 || || Nude/Tan/Beige Patent

7 thoughts on “payless pumps

  1. Ooh, shiny! I have some silver oxfords a bit like that, which I haven’t posted about yet. I wonder about Christian Siriano though. Do you think he’s disappointed with how things turned out? I have the impression that he aspired to couture… or at least high end RTW.

    1. Love the oxfords but not really show how or when I’d really wear them. As for Christian Siriano, I suppose he might be slightly disappointed the way things turned out but I actually think that 1. He’s gotten his name and brand out to a lot more people with payless than if he would with RTW or couture, and 2. I’m sure he entered into this agreement fully knowing what to expect, I don’t think he was coerced, so I don’t feel sorry for him. In my opinion, it’s great that a designer can partner with or make lower priced items. I don’t think it’s fair that only the rich can be fashionable and stylish. Target has really capitalized on this notion. I guess it’s kind of a fashion democracy, for lack of a better term ;-). While I shop for many items at thrift stores and consignment shops, I do appreciate that I can afford stylish new shoes and clothes at various stores. I am not a rich woman and It makes me feel included. I do understand that there needs to be some ‘exclusivity’ when it comes to couture or designer items but at times this rubs me the wrong way. Especially as a curvy woman, many designer clothes are too small and too expensive for me. I guess what I’m saying is as a consumer, I appreciate it when designers make things that I can actually afford and fit into.

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