spiked heels + OOTD

I saw these spiked / studded sandals on ebay and I just couldn’t resist…They’re not terribly comfortable, unfortunately. But I love them nonetheless.

Studded shoes were a little too ‘edgy’ for me at one time but now I really like them.

Check out my OOTD from a couple of days ago:

2013-02-27 17.50.06 2013-02-27 17.50.45 2013-02-27 17.55.05

Outfit details:
Jacket: Velour burgundy Nautica jacket, thrifted $4.59
Pants: David Kahn super stretchy black skinny jeans at Ideeli on clearance, $29.99
Top: Max Studio black/white patterned top, consignment shop $8
Shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue Tristi black leather and studded sandals/heels, ebay $27 (including shipping)

What do you think of studded or spiky shoes and accessories?


13 thoughts on “spiked heels + OOTD

    1. That’s what they make advil for 😉 jk. kind of…
      sometimes you just gotta take beauty over functionality (and this is coming from a girl that likes low heeled riding boots!)

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